Tools for Long-Term Care Initiative implementation

Divisions of family practice have created a number of tools and resources to aid in implementing the Long-Term Care (formerly Residential Care) Initiative.

Residential Care Support Group Information Sheet 
This form discusses Central Okanagan's Division of Family Practice work in improving the transition of patients from KGH to residential care facilities. It features commitments of RCSG members, sequence of contact for urgent calls, and FAQs. 
Submitted by the Central Okanagan Division.
Evaluation Report
A summary report compiles data from: facilities, quarterly QI report, IH via facilities, billing process.
Submitted by the Comox Valley Division.
Evaluation Framework
Evaluation Framework developed by the with the Working Group team in Comox.
Submitted by the Comox Valley Division
RCI Survey and Description
Explains the Residential Care Initiative. Survey GPs about willingness to participate and transfer patients.
Submitted by the Richmond Division.
RCI Agreement
Agreement between GP and Division.
Submitted by the Richmond Division.
Facility Agreement
Roles and responsibilities of Division and Facility.
Submitted by the Richmond Division.
RCI Organizational Chart
Describes Richmond's project oversight and members.
Submitted by the Richmond Division.
Guide to Visiting Facilities - For Physicians
Description of how best to optimize your time visiting patients. Outlines location of patient information, best/worst times to visit, lab test arrangements, jumpline #.
Submitted by Nanaimo Division.
24/7 Care Flow Chart 
Decision support tool to determine physician remuneration.
Submitted by the Nanaimo Division.
Residential Care Physician Bio 
Brief bio about the RCI GP, including a photo, contact info, accepting new patients, days needed to accept new patients, preferred patient panel size and languages spoken.
Submitted by the Richmond Division.
Facility On-call Guide 
Guide for facility staff on how to use the Residential Care Initiative on-call group.
Submitted by the Richmond Division.
Letter to Resident's Family Doctor 
One page letter to community MRPs informing them that their patient has been admitted to LTC and ask if they will provide the 5 best practice deliverables or transfer care.
Submitted by the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice.
Fraser Health RCI Implementation Guide
Implementation Guide - Prepared by Ruthann Robinson, Practice Specialist, PSP Regional Support Team. The guide covers the 6 steps of implementation:
    1. Creating a Vision
    2. Developing the MOU ("the plan")
    3. Articulating local Roles & Responsibilities
    4. Engaging Stakeholders
    5. Implementing the new RC model
    6. Sustaining the Change