Nurse Practitioner Infrastructure Funding

A number of divisions include nurse practitioners (NPs) as members. Those divisions have found great benefit in this approach, reporting that NPs play an important role by providing perspectives and experiences that support the development of team-based care, a critical part of primary care transformation. Until recently, those divisions have been paying the additional costs of NP membership themselves.

In July 2021, the BC Ministry of Health began funding infrastructure costs for all divisions who have brought, or are interested in bringing, nurse practitioners into their organizations. This funding does not come from the Physician Master Agreement, it comes from the BC government.  

FPSC values the incredible work of divisions and family physicians. As shifts are made in the way we practice, it can be beneficial to provide opportunities for a team-based care approach as team-based care is a core element of the patient medical home. This reflects the way we do our planning at the division level, with diverse voices at the table that reflect the views and perspectives of different team members. 

For more information, please refer to the Nurse Practitioner Infrastructure Funding Q&A.