Governance Fundamentals Guidebook

The Governance Fundamentals Guidebook is a “Governance 101” resource that was developed to support the leadership of the divisions and medical staff associations across the province. The Guidebook explains the fundamentals of governance and lays out the essentials for participating at the governance table.

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Or, click on the links below to access specific chapters of the Guidebook:

1. What Is Governance Anyway?: An Introduction to Division of Family Practice and Medical Staff Association Governance and Governance Tables
2. History 101: Divisions of Family Practice and Facility Engagement MSA
3. The Authority to Govern: An Initial Understanding of Division & MSA Governance Structures
4. Laying the Foundation: Division & MSA Foundational Documents
5. The Organization As Patient: Duties of Care, Loyalty, and Obedience
6. To Join or Not To Join, That is the Question: Participation at Governance Table
7. What Am I Really Getting Into: Expectations, Roles & Responsibilities of Directors
8. Who's In Charge?: Leadership & Decision-Making at the Governance Table
9. Separate But Related: Governance vs. Operational Decision-Making
10. Getting the Work Done: Senior Staff Lead Roles & Responsibilities
11. A Guiding Hand: Role of the Engagement Partner, Primary Care Transformation Partner and the Regional Advisor & Advocate
12. Other Ways to Get Things Done: Committees
13. Running the Organization: Contracted vs. Employed Staff
14. On Your Best Behaviour: Division/MSA Physician Code of Conduct
15. Leading the Charge: Leaders in the Making & Continuous Governance Table Learning & Development
16. Keeping Your Eye on the Prize: Strategic Planning & Maintaining Future Focus
17. A Yearly Requirement: The Annual General Meeting
18 Well, That Wasn't a Waste of My Time: Running a Good Meeting
19. Working Together: Teamwork Issues
20. Financial Stewardship: Budget Basics, Reporting Requirements & Physician Compensation
21. Keeping Things Clean: Navigating Conflicts of Interest, Confidentiality & Interpersonal Conflict
22. Am I Doing Okay?: Performance Management & Board Self-Assessment
23. Winning the Lotto: The Importance of Effective Succession Planning
24. Show Them the Ropes: Governance Table New Member Orientation
25. Getting Help When you Need it: Prequalified Vendors
26. Vital Signs: Evaluation & Monitoring Programs
27. Ethics: Legal Responsibility
28. Risky Business: Liability and Managing Division/MSA Risk
29. Communicating with Members & Stakeholders:
What is Best Practice?