Practice Toolkit


About this Toolkit


NOTICE TO USERS: The Divisions Practice Toolkit is being phased out due to the availability of updated resources and supports from Doctors of BC.

For an interim period, users are still able to navigate to the Practice Toolkit webpage. However, the content has been replaced by links to other Doctors of BC resources.

Please use the navigation links to find Doctors of BC tools and resources that correspond to the different sections of the original Divisions Practice Toolkit.  

The Divisions Practice Toolkit was first developed in 2011 by the South Island division, leveraging the work of two groups of full service family practice physicians located in Sooke BC. Since then, the practice toolkit has been a valuable resource to divisions and physicians across the province.

In recent years, new resources have been developed by Doctors of BC and the Joint Clinical Committees that are more up to date. This includes resources from Business Pathways and the Doctors Technology Office. These resources will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they remain accurate and relevant to members.