Quality Improvement Toolkit

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Improving health care quality means achieving better patient outcomes; providing safe, effective care in a timely and patient-centered way. Quality improvement (QI) methodology is a systematic approach to testing and implementing effective changes.

Supporting a culture of quality improvement requires effort and commitment from every person in the organization to identify, implement, and sustain changes leading to improvement.

This toolkit provides resources, tools, and templates to assist everyone from novice to expert in their QI activities so that with practice it becomes embedded in the way we do our every day work.


Image Getting started >
  1. Forming a team >
  2. Leadership role in Quality Improvement >
  3. Improvement methodologies >
  4. The Model for Improvement >
  5. Evaluation >


Planning your improvements >
  1. Defining the aim of your improvement >
  2. Developing a measurement plan >
  3. Mapping out current situation >
  4. Root Cause Analysis >
  5. Identifying possible changes using a driver diagram >
  6. Change concepts and ideas >
Image Implementing your ideas >
  1. Testing out change ideas using PDSA cycles >
  2. Implementing and spreading the changes >
Image Sustaining your improvement efforts >
  1. Tips for sustainment >
  2. Using a run chart >
  3. Reporting using a storyboard and A3 tool>
  4. Common challenges in Quality Improvement >
  5. Strategy Deployment >