Divisions Technology Resources

The Divisions of Family Practice provincial office provides a number of centralized technology solutions for the Divisions. Individual members looking to access the following resources should contact their local Division. 

To set up any of the following tools or training, local Division administrators should contact the Divisions provincial office.


Click on the heading below for more information about the available tools:

  Google Analytics OpenVoice
Checkbox Surveys GoToMeeting Resource Catalogue
COMET GoToWebinar SharePoint
Divisions website LinkedIn UpToDate
Email NAS-File Sharing YouTube


Checkbox Surveys

Checkbox Surveys™ is a survey and data collection tool which all divisions can access. In addition to full-length surveys, the tool can be helpful for smaller polls including date polling for meetings. To have an account set up please send an email to the Divisions provincial office.

Checkbox resources:


COMET (Collaborative Online Measurement and Engagement Toolset)

COMET is a Customer Relationship Management tool, or a CRM, which is built in Microsoft Dynamics and ​provides a place for divisions to track member information.  

For COMET support, please email cometsupport@doctorsofbc.ca.


Divisions website

The Divisions website was built using Drupal, an open-source CMS in which content is created as pages and “nodes” that auto-populate different areas of the site by keyword and content tagging. This process streamlines page creation, information categorization, and sharing information across different areas of the site. 

For more information about Drupal and the Divisions of Family Practice website:

For website support, contact Hillary McLean.

For questions about website user accounts, membership management, and UpToDate, contact divisionswebmaster@doctorsofbc.ca



The Divisions provincial office provides email addresses for the local Divisions as needed. The emails follow the pattern: NAME@divisionsbc.ca or DIVISIONPROJECT@divisionsbc.ca. The emails are hosted with Robson Communications™, a leading Canadian provider of IT and cloud computing solutions. Robson provides stable servers in Vancouver and comprehensive support to users.

Need help with setting up Outlook? Visit the Divisions Outlook Setup Guide on the Robson Communications website. 

For all all set-up and support requests:

Email: divisions@robsonsupport.com
Phone: 604-569-2706

Software and hardware issues should be referred to a local tech support provider.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service which tracks visitors to a website. This provides useful statistics on who is visiting the site, where they’re from, how they’re finding the site and what they’re looking at. The service has been set up on DivIT by the provincial office.

Division administrators can request user access to the statistics for their site by contacting the divisions provincial office and providing a Google™-enabled email address. A Google™-enabled email is an email that has been set up to connect to Google products. Any email may be Google™-enabled using the form found here.

Google™ provides extensive learning tools which can be accessed from their Google Analytics™ Support Centre.



GoToMeeting™ is an online tool which allows users to:

  • connect face-to-face via videoconference or teleconference
  • share a presenter's computer screen
  • record a meeting

GoToMeeting resources:

GoToMeeting provides support through live chat, email, or phone. Some of the extensive resources on their website include:    
General meeting resources:   Mobile resources:


GoToMeeting™ is limited to 25 users on a single meeting. If you are organizing a local Division event which involves a larger number of attendees, please contact the divisions provincial office to discuss the use of GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar resources:



To support recruitment efforts and complement local divisions’ job postings on their own websites and the PDO Career Opportunities page, the PDO has created a LinkedIn company page. Local divisions who would like a posting added to the PDO Careers page or LinkedIn profile can contact Hillary McLean.

Divisions who want to set up a LinkedIn showcase page can request one through the Divisions provincial office.


NAS (Network Attached Storage) – File Sharing

The NAS provides a secure space for document storage and sharing in a folder structure. If you are interested in accessing this, please email divisionswebmaster@doctorsofbc.ca.



OpenVoice is a reservation-less audio conferencing service. Accounts are managed by the Divisions of Family Practice provincial office. Email divisionswebmaster@doctorsofbc.ca to request an account.

OpenVoice resources:


JCC Resource Catalogue

The JCC Resource Catalogue pulls together resources created by and/or for divisions, or related to divisions work in one easy-to-search location. 



SharePoint is a software platform that allows you to create team sites where you can share content and files securely. You can set up sub-sites for different projects and control who has access. SharePoint also has team calendars and the ability to create lists of records (useful for everything from a team contact list to tracking project tasks) among other apps.

Contact the provincial Divisions office to set up a site for the division and add an administrator.

SharePoint resources:



The knowledge system software, UpToDate™, is available, free of charge, for members of local divisions who are included in the calculation for infrastructure funding. UpToDate™ is also offering free, personalized training for interested local division groups who have members currently registered for UpToDate™.

For more information on UpToDate™ and training opportunities please refer to the UpToDate resource section.



The provincial divisions office has a YouTube channel that all divisions are welcome to use. You can upload videos, then embed them in your web pages. If you would like to ​use the divisions YouTube channel, please contact the Divisions provincial office for access.