Beautiful Prince George Sunrise

The Prince George Division of Family Practice is a local innovation in health care, and part of a province-wide initiative designed to strengthen primary health care in BC.

Established in March 2009 and operating first as a non-profit society, and now as a cooperative, the Division is built on a foundation and tradition of innovation, development, and continuous quality improvement.

The Division aims to increase primary health care capacity, and improve patient and population health outcomes by developing and implementing programs and services that will positively impact family physicians and their patients.

The Prince George Division has benefited greatly from:

A highly effective and robust EMR (MOIS) which is widely used across the region. UNBC, Northern Medical Program, and UBC Family Practice Residency Program training doctors locally. An after-hours clinic providing cross coverage for family physician practices and their patients.

Updates: Clinical Information and Resources for Physicians

Updated Palliative Care Guidelines Available

The BC Cancer Agency's Family Practice Oncology Network partnered with the BC Guidelines and Protocols Committee to update their Palliative Care Guidelines.  2017 updates now available: The Palliative Approach to CarePain and Symptom Management, and Grief and Bereavement.

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