Seniors Prototype Initiative

The Seniors Prototype initiative was developed in June 2015, following the release of the BC Ministry of Health’s Primary and Community Care paper, which identified a number of health care issues facing BC’s senior population. The Ministry of Health invited divisions of family practice around the province ​to work toward developing transformative models of care for complex frail elderly populations. Thirteen prototype divisions were selected, to learn more about what some of these divisions are working on, please see below.

These prototype divisions began work on creating a variety of system improvements, including:

  • improving access to primary care
  • reducing emergency department admissions
  • reducing long-term in-patient and residential care admissions
  • supporting more robust care supports in community care

To support the prototype divisions in sharing the learnings from their work, the provincial Divisions office has held​ two facilitated teleconferences, as well as an evening meeting in Vancouver on April 21, 2016, at which divisions and FPSC physician colleagues had an opportunity to discuss their learnings in person.

The report from the April 21, 2016 captures emergent learnings from the Seniors Prototype Initiative work divisions have done so far.

Read the report: Divisions Seniors Prototype Event: An overview of divisions' shared learnings and activities.