Root Cause Analysis


4. Planning Your Improvements: Root Cause Analysis

What is it and how will it help?

Root Cause Analysis is a process that uses a specific set of steps and tools to help identify a problem, determine the cause, and reduce the likelihood of it happening again.


Need more information?

Quality and Service Improvement Tools: Root Cause Analysis Using Five Whys
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

A description of Root Cause Analysis, including examples of how to use the Five Whys and a list of links to further resources.

Fishbone / Cause and Effect Instruction
Health Quality Ontario

Instructions for creating a fishbone diagram to help identify the root causes of an issue.

Fishbone Diagram Tool: Cause and Effect Template
Health Quality Ontario

A template for creating fishbone diagrams.

Root Cause Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
The Air University

A description of Root Cause Analysis and how it can be used.

5 Whys YouTube Video (4 min)
2020 Delivery Academy

A video demonstration of using the Five Whys to discover an issue's root causes.