Mapping the Current Situation


3. Planning Your Improvements: Mapping the Current Situation Using Patient Journey Mapping

What is it and how will it help?

A visual representation of the patient experience as they move through a specific health care pathway.


Need more information?

Capturing the Patient Experience Instruction
Health Quality Ontario

Explains how to capture the patient experience and why it's important.

Process Mapping: An Overview
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

An overview of Patient Journey Mapping, including examples of different techniques.

Patient Journey Mapping: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

PowerPoint slides for a Patient Journey Mapping mini-course.

How Patient Journey Maps Improve Healthcare Apps Podcast (12 min)

Describes how patient journey maps contribute to improving health care apps.

Perfecting Patient Journeys
Lean Enterprise Institute

“A guide for leaders of health care organizations who want to implement lean thinking. Readers will learn how to identify and select a problem, define a project scope, and create a shared understanding of what's occurring in the value stream. Readers will also learn to develop a shared vision of an improved future, and how to work together to make that vision a reality.”

Worth J, Shuker T, Keyte B, et al. Perfecting Patient Journeys. Cambridge, MA: Lean Enterprise Institute; 2012.  Bate P, Robert, G. Quality and Safety in Health Care 2006;15(5):307–310.