Identifying Possible Changes Using a Driver Diagram


5. Planning Your Improvements: Identifying Possible Changes Using a Driver Diagram

What is it and how will it help?

Driver Diagrams provide a pictorial representation of the system in which you are working and the factors leading to the outcome. It's an effective way to translate a high-level improvement aim into a logical set of related goals and sub-projects.


Where can I find out more information?

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NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

What is a Key Driver Diagram and how do they help?

Developing a Key Driver Diagram PowerPoint Desk
Learning Emergence  

Key Driver Diagram basics.

Driver Diagram YouTube Whiteboard Presentation (6 min)
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Whiteboard presentation: How to use a Key Driver Diagram to define the system by showing the factors that cause the outcomes.

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A simple example of a Key Driver Diagram and how to use it.

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Examples of Key Driver Diagrams.