Chapter 2: Clinicians

2.1 Introducing the Doctors

The [YOUR CLINIC NAME] has [#] family physicians, including

Doctor 1
Include blurb for each physician

Doctor 2
Doctor 2 blurb


And/or: Insert a link to the biographies on your website]

The following is an example:

Everyone’s Medical Clinic has six doctors including:

Joe Surfer MD CCFP MHSc

  • Joe graduated from the University of Calgary medical school in 2008 and completed family practice residency in Vancouver in 2010.  He also obtained a Masters of Health Sciences in community medicine and epidemiology at UBC in 2015.
  • Joe’s practice interests include primary mental health care services and pediatric medicine.
  • Joe is married with two small children. He enjoys an active lifestyle including competing in marathons, kayaking, biking and skiing.


2.2 Doctors' Hours of Work

The doctors each have a standard schedule that is the basis for [YOUR CLINIC NAME] hours. Doctors may choose to alter their hours at their own discretion, providing the other doctors and staff with as much notice as possible.

The booking schedule itself is found in [the clinic EMR], which reflects any requested changes from the standard schedule on a day-to-day basis.

[Include doctor schedule here, if one is available]

View a sample schedule built in MS Excel format.


2.3 Clinician Contracts

(Alternatives:  Physicians (list names) are all shareholders in [YOUR CLINIC NAME] and operate under a shareholder agreement.  Each physician collected their own fees and pays a portion of clinic expenses according to terms of the shareholder agreement).

All other clinicians practicing at [YOUR CLINIC NAME], have a contract that states roles, responsibilities and rate of pay. Physicians are paid based on a percentage fees collected for their services. Each physician billing under MSP will complete an assignment of payment form so that [YOUR CLINIC NAME] can collect fees from MSP, ICBC, WSBC etc.

View sample contracts developed by the Division of Family Practice.

The [Practice Manager] is responsible for maintaining all clinician contracts.

2.4 Locum Arrangements

When the doctors are away from the clinic for holidays or other absences, they often arrange for a qualified physician (called a 'locum') to provide relief coverage.

Shareholder physicians establish locum arrangements under a private arrangement between themselves and the locum.

All Locum physicians employed at [YOUR CLINIC NAME] have a contract with their employing physician stating the responsibilities of the locum and the employing physician, the duration of the locum, and the rate of pay.  It is the responsibility of the employing physician to maintain the locum contract.

View sample contracts, and strategies to recruit and maintain locum arrangements, in the Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment & Retention Toolkit.

The Rural Practice Program

The Rural General Practitioner Locum Program (RGPLP) helps rural general practitioners (GPs) secure subsidized periods of leave from their practices for purposes such as Continuing Medical Education (CME) and vacation.

Please read the policy and process about accessing this program.

2.5 Clinician Recruiting

Recruiting Tools

Many divisions of family practice have developed tools to assist with clinician recruiting. Many of these are available in the Recruitment and Retention Toolkit.

[Insert your clinic’s clinician recruitment policy here]