Developing an Evaluation Plan/Framework

An evaluation framework helps guide the evaluation, articulate evaluation goals, set out methods, and identify potential data sources.  Developing the framework or plan is often an important starting point for building relationships to ensure a successful evaluation.

CDC Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health
The CDC evaluation framework summarizes and organizes the steps and standards for effective program evaluation. This resource focuses on improving and accounting for public health actions. The framework encourages procedures that are useful, feasible, ethical, and accurate.
Better Evaluation Rainbow Framework
The Better Evaluation Rainbow Framework organizes different evaluation options, organised into seven clusters: Managing evaluation, defining what to evaluate, framing the evaluation, describing evaluation elements, understanding causes, synthesizing data, and reporting and supporting evaluation use.

The Rainbow Framework can help plan an evaluation by prompting thoughts about each of these tasks in turn, and to help select a package of methods and strategies that covers all the required tasks.
CDC Evaluation Question Checklist
This tool from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assists in the development of evaluation questions.  The checklist helps assess evaluation questions for stakeholder engagement, fit, relevance and feasibility.
A Developmental Evaluation Approach
This video introduces Developmental Evaluation, talks about what this approach means, how it can be used, and in what settings it is most appropriate.  The footage is from a one-day workshop by Jamie Gamble in January 2015.
Developmental Evaluation Assessment Tool
Use this tool to determine whether Developmental Evaluation right for your organization and current situation.