Appendix C: Sample Policies

Sample Responsible Physician Policy

  • The Patient’s Responsible Physician has overall responsibility for directing and coordinating the care and management of that Patient within the Practice including:
    • Ensuring they are satisfied that systems are in place to ensure that there is appropriate continuity and follow-up of medical care and laboratory tests ordered, regardless of who provided the care or ordered the test;
    • Ensuring that they are satisfied that systems are in place to ensure the creation, maintenance, and security of Medical Records and compliance with legal obligations in respect of Patient Information; and
    • Ensuring that the Patient is offered longitudinal care, appropriate periodic health examinations, and any plans of care as appropriate.


  • The Responsible Physician has the following administrative responsibilities:
    • to ensure that he or she has the consent of the Patient to be that Patient’s Responsible Physician;
    • to ensure that he or she has sufficient insurance coverage, and is duly licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC;
    • to ensure that his or her practice is operated in compliance with any limits or restrictions on his or her license to practice;
    • to ensure that he or she has a succession plan that ensures that in the event he or she is unable to fulfill the obligations of the Responsible Physician due to his or her unexpected disability or death, there is a physician who is designated to act as his or her successor.


  • The Responsible Physician has a right to take a copy of the Patient’s Medical Record with him or her upon departure from the Practice.
  • The Responsible Physician and his or her authorized representatives may, upon at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, during normal business hours, enter upon any premises maintained or contracted by the Practice, including the premises of any third party contractor, in order to inspect and audit the adherence by the Practice to its contractual duties including in respect of its security standards and procedures. The Practice has a duty to cooperate with any such audit or inspection and likewise cause any such contractor to cooperate.
  • The Intake Form of the Practice shall have a space to indicate who the Patient’s Responsible Physician is.

The Patient has the right to choose who their Responsible Physician shall be.