Performance Growth & Assessment

Performance growth and assessment are activities that apply to the employee-employer relationship. Independent contractors are not employees. If the independent contractor is not meeting the deliverables articulated in the contractor agreement, the employer can meet with the independent contractor to clarify expectations. If that does not work, the contractor agreement can be terminated. For more information on ending a contractual agreement, see Chapter 7: Discipline and Termination.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please consult your Engagement Partner.




  • Articulate the deliverables and/or services to be provided in a contractor agreement.


  • Deliver the product or services articulated in the contractor agreement, as per the terms and conditions of the contract.



  • Ensure the contractor agreement clearly articulates the services and/or product(s) to be provided by the independent contractor and any other terms and conditions related to the contractual engagement (timeline, communication plan, reporting structure/project owner, etc.).


Best Practice:

  • As required, schedule regular project check-ins. Use check-ins to provide real-time feedback on the work being done.
  • Do not wait for a scheduled check-in to bring up an issue.


Having difficult conversations is critical for the health of any organization. Difficult conversations can trigger lots of emotions in those who initiate them and/or receive them.


  • Ensure you find and create a safe space to hold your discussion.
  • As appropriate, give the individual advance notice about what the topic of conversation will be so they can feel prepared and ready.
  • Spend time preparing for the discussion to clarify the purpose and objective of the meeting. Zero in on the key messages you wish to communicate.
  • Determine what follow-up will be required and/or the timeline for addressing the identified concerns.

Best Practice:

  • Follow-up the meeting with a written email to the independent contractor to summarize the discussion and highlight any follow-up items and/or to-dos.