GPSC funding for divisions to support COVID-19 fall/winter framework

October 19, 2020 | The FPSC has approved $5-million in one-time funding for divisions to support them in active planning, implementation and monitoring of local and regional responses to COVID-19 through the fall and winter.

Divisions have played and will continue to play a critical role in mobilizing the community response to COVID-19 in partnership with health authorities, First Nations, municipalities and other stakeholders.  In preparation for a second surge of COVID-19 cases, the Ministry has developed a new Primary Care COVID-19 Response Framework (Fall 2020) which incorporates learning from the previous wave of COVID-19 and community response. On September 24, 2020, a memo was circulated to division and Health Authority leaders outlining key elements of the Framework, including the requirement for joint planning for new models of primary care and the critical role of existing partnership tables such as CSCs, PCN Steering Committees and joint Emergency Operations task groups.

Funding Parameters

Each division will receive funding in relation to size of their membership, number of communities served and geography. This funding is intended to support physicians engagement and division planning, implementation and execution of work that is in direct alignment with the specific deliverables addressed in the newly released Framework, between now and March 31, 2021. For the development of clinic service models in the community, divisions and partners should continue to use the interim primary care submission template that is available through the Ministry. The deliverables include:

  • COVID-19 testing and assessment sites, to establish COVID-19 screening, assessment and testing services.
  • Consolidated clinics including practices adopting virtual care and non-COVID-19 essential and urgent physical assessment and treatment services.
  • Outreach to vulnerable patient populations, including Indigenous populations.
  • Immunization targeted to preventing disease, with a focus on increased influenza vaccinations to high risk groups such as seniors, young children, residents of care settings and individuals with underlying health risk factors.
  • Consolidated networks of care to lessen cross exposure of health care providers and patients (e.g., in-patient COVID-19 Units, long-term care, hospital, palliative, perinatal care, aligned with PHO guidance).

This funding shall not be used for:

  • Normal Division operational expenses funded through other sources of funding.
  • Passive attendance at meetings.
  • Planning for physicians’ offices and patients (e.g., planning specific to the individual practice).
  • Division program/project supports funded through other source of funding.
  • Costs attributable to a previous or future fiscal year, this includes but is not limited to pre-payment of a lease or any other business expense.
  • Compensation for clinical services.
  • Purchase of clinical equipment e.g. bladder scanner, EMR, etc.
  • Lease payment and expenses for breaking a lease.
  • Technology solutions provided through the divisions IT infrastructure.
  • Advertising.
  • Alcohol purchase.
  • Donations to any entity including charities, non-profit organizations or political parties.

Tracking and Reporting

This funding has a specific intended purpose and the tracking and reporting must meet the requirements laid out in the FTA. The FPSC will review this reporting in 2021/22 to understand the use of the funds across the province, the benefits/limitations of the funding model and to inform future funding requirements during the pandemic.

Process and Contact Person

Divisions will receive  information with their funding allocation the week of October 19th.  Please return the signed copy to Staff will process the FTA and funds transfer. If you have any questions, please contact your Primary Care Transformation Partner or Lucy Pottinger at