What new doctors want: Attracting med school grads and GP residents to practice in BC

A panel of new grads and residents at the recent FPSC Spring Summit was asked about their hopes, aspirations, and concerns for their future careers during a session entitled “Recruitment and Retention: A Conversation with the Next Generation of Family Doctors.” Participants were asked to describe what they are seeking in a practice and a community – what do they want? What don’t they want?

The panel discussion was led by Dr Derek Poteryko, a member of the Nanaimo Division of Family Practice who also works as a Family Practice Preceptor and Behavioural Medicine Lead Faculty with UBC. Through his work as a preceptor, Dr Poteryko organizes the Blue Sky Clinic—a yearly exercise during which he consults family medicine residents about the ideal circumstances in which they’d like to practice. 

In response to the panel questions, participants expressed deep concerns about physician burnout. In their ideal practice they would be able to leave their patients in good hands when they need a break, and work alongside nurses, allied health practitioners, and other doctors in a team environment where work-life balance can be achieved.  

A summary of the session, including quotes from participants, was published on the Doctors of BC website—click here to read the story.