Webinar series: Learn more about billing GPSC fees

Family doctors and their MOAs are encouraged to participate in an upcoming four-part webinar series about FPSC incentive fees.

Based on physician feedback, the FPSC and SGP are expanding their series to all family doctors and their MOAs. The webinars were first presented to new-to-practice GPs in winter 2018 and spring 2019.

Led by physician educators, the webinars are cumulative and content specific.

  1. Introduction to MSP Billing for Family Practice: September 17 at 6pm | Register
  2. FPSC Billing Part 1: October 1 at 6pm | Register
  3. FPSC Billing Part 2: October 24 at 6pm | Register
  4. FPSC Billing Part 3: November 20 at 6pm | Register

Space is limited.

Visit the FPSC site for more details, including the content for each webinar.