Resourcefulness supports teams and outreach to small communities

In Hope, Boston Bar, and surrounding First Nations communities, geographic barriers and health vulnerabilities can be challenges. However, by leveraging established relationships and resources currently in place—including partnerships with Fraser Health and the First Nations Health Authority and funding from the FPSC—a team of providers is successfully delivering interdisciplinary, multi-professional outreach services to patients, including those most vulnerable. 

Nine doctors provide primary care in Hope and First Nations clinics, as well as emergency, residential, hospice and palliative care, and methadone services. Two nurse practitioners focus on geriatric patients and youth with mental health and homelessness challenges. A health services coordinator facilitates visiting specialists and specialized services. Innovation also plays a role, with community paramedics in Boston Bar checking in on patients at home, and doctors using telehealth to consult remotely with patients in First Nations communities.

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“We have addressed some of the high-needs vulnerable populations in our rural community, out of desperation...we’ve started on a journey of how to utilize different resources available to us to help provide what I’d like to believe is exceptional care for 8,000 people.”  
— Dr Josh Greggain, Chilliwack Division of Family Practice