New GPSC funding to PCN communities for planning maternity and newborn services 

Coming soon: Details on how PCN communities will be able to apply for new FPSC funding for physician engagement to make maternity and newborn care part of their planning discussions. The one-time funding of $1-million will be available in fall 2022 to all PCN communities in the Divisions of Family Practice. FPSC recognizes that maternity care is a key part of full-service family practice. This funding will allow them to plan on how best to integrate maternity care into the team-based setting. It is anticipated that all communities will take advantage of this opportunity to ensure perinatal services are an integral part of their current or future PCNs.

As funding must be used by March 31, 2023, PCNs are encouraged to begin considering how to use it. Planning needs to remain in the context of existing PCN community resources and services, and team-based care. There also needs to be an understanding of the maternity care supports already available in each community.