Ministry of Health's Primary Care COVID-19 Response Framework for 2020

On Thursday, September 24, divisions of family practice and partners received the Primary Care COVID-19 Response Framework for fall 2020 from the Ministry of Health.

Strong coordination and collaboration between health authorities, divisions, and community partners are important to meet the primary care needs that will arise in fall. Divisions are encouraged to connect with health authority partners and public health through the partnership tables for planning and delivery of COVID-19 response services in communities.

The FPSC is committed to supporting the divisions of family practice and family physicians as work continues. Work is underway to identify additional supports that might be needed for divisions to meet the demands that emerge in preparing for the fall COVID-19 response.

Family physicians play a key role in addressing the challenges that are ahead. The value of the longitudinal care provided through family practices and the commitment of family physicians to their patients and communities during these unprecedented times is recognized and appreciated. The contributions of family physicians are very important – to patients, communities, and the health care system.