GPSC Fall Summit: Summary report now online, with new interactive format

The summary report from the FPSC Fall Summit, which took place November 28-29, 2016, is available online in a new web-based interactive format.

The summary captures learnings from the event. The Summit provided divisions with an opportunity to celebrate successes achieved through A GP for Me, share the significant change experienced in their communities, and discuss ways in which work on A GP for Me can be leveraged and transitioned into work toward the patient medical home model. As part of the provincial office’s commitment to ensuring that learnings from provincial events are shared across divisions, we are implementing new ways to feature and share this information.

The web-based event summary shifts away from a linear, narrative-style report to a platform that allows you to select topics based on relevance. You can read or scan a brief overview of each session, see photos of presenters and participants, and read a summary of feedback provided by attendees. Participants’ feedback will be used to inform planning of future events.

View the complete report: FPSC Fall Summit: Moving Forward Together, or click the following links to browse individual topics:

What was it all about?
World Café + Crowd Sourcing Facilitated Session: A GP for Me to an Integrated System of Care
FPSC Panel
BC Patient Medical Home Expectations: Workshop
What's next?
Breakout Sessions - Day 1
Breakout Sessions - Day 2