GP credits Nanaimo Division’s Suboxone Physician E-Mentor Program with improving patient’s life

Nanaimo Division’s innovative physician support line, the Suboxone Physician E-Mentor Program, was highlighted on CBC last week, following an announcement that Suboxone is now recognized as the first line of treatment for opioid substitution therapy. The program enables physicians who have completed a Suboxone education program to receive proactive support from their colleagues to gain confidence in prescribing, and put what they’ve learned into practice. Started in 2017, the E-Mentor program places Nanaimo physicians at the forefront of ensuring GPs are confident in starting Suboxone treatment therapy in line with the new treatment recommendations.

During an interview on CBC’s “On the Island” show, Dr Kristy Williams spoke about starting a patient on Suboxone treatment using support from the E-Mentor program, which, according to Dr Williams, has “totally changed the patient’s life.”

Having successfully used the Suboxone E-mentor text line, Dr Williams would 100% recommend it to her colleagues. Accessing a local E-mentor quickly, and having access to continued support from the E-mentor line gave Dr Williams the confidence to carry her Suboxone training into practice, enabling her to provide the best possible care in her own office setting. 

Click here to listen to audio from Dr Williams’ interview.

Divisions who wish to create their own E-Mentor line to support GPs in starting patients on Suboxone can use the Virtual Mobile Number setup instructions created and shared by the Nanaimo Division and Shared Care.