Engagement Toolkit: Request for tools and resources from divisions

The Facility and Community Engagement team is seeking relevant existing tools and resources developed by divisions to be considered for inclusion in the Engagement Toolkit. The Engagement Toolkit, currently under development, is intended to serve as a helpful resource for physicians and other healthcare stakeholders who are engaging with each other on shared priorities and issues. It will feature an overview of principles for strong engagement, and an assortment of practical tools and resources.

We are seeking tools and resources in the following categories:

  1. Cultural safety and humility: Resources around cultural humility and engaging with Indigenous communities
  2. Equity, diversity and inclusion: Equity, diversity and inclusion resources
  3. Communication: Tools and templates to facilitate effective communication between individuals and groups
  4. Engagement surveys: Tools such as membership surveys that aim to measure engagement
  5. Stakeholder mapping: Tools to identify relevant stakeholders and their interests
  6. Engagement methods and approaches: Various engagement methods and approaches
  7. Psychological safety: Resources and templates on psychological safety
  8. Decision-making tools: Tools and approaches to help in coming to consensus and decision-making as a group
  9. Conflict management tools: Tools/templates for conflict management
  10. Evaluation: Tools and approaches to evaluating and troubleshooting engagement


  1. Must be created by divisions (appropriate credit will be given)
  2. Must be practical (i.e., other divisions should be able to adapt the tool/template for their own use, or apply in their setting)

Please share your existing tools and resources with engagement@doctorsofbc.ca by Monday, November 14, 2022. All tools and resources will be screened for relevancy and practicality prior to inclusion in the toolkit. We thank you in advance for sharing your resources with us.