Chilliwack Division supports student-developed overdose advice app

Tue, May 15, 2018

Chilliwack Division support (via the Chilliwack Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Local Action Team) has enabled local students to complete development of a new app that provides lifesaving overdose support and advice for teens, even in situations where they may not have cell or wifi service. The app, called OD Hero, provides information on what to expect in overdose and alcohol poisoning scenarios, letting teens know they won’t be charged with possession for calling 911 and won’t get in trouble for attempting to administer first aid.

If the user has cellular service, the app will dial 911 directly. If not, the app uses clear images and instructions to describe how to help someone who has overdosed or is suffering from alcohol poisoning, until they can be provided with medical care.

Information in the app was reviewed by local health authorities, the justice department, and paramedics.

The project was initially funded by VOYCE Youth (Voice of Youth for Community Engagement), a Chilliwack organization through which youth join together to effect change in the community. When funding from VOYCE ran out before the project was finished, the Chilliwack Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Local Action Team stepped in, helping the students to finish the project and publish and promote the app.

For more about the OD Hero app, read "Chilliwack youth develop app to assist in overdose emergencies" in The Chilliwack Progress.