Ministry of Health: Urgent and primary care centre coming soon to Victoria

September 18, 2020 | People living in North Quadra, Victoria and surrounding communities will soon have better access to team-based everyday health care with a new urgent and primary care centre (UPCC) opening in November.

“The new UPCC will help connect more people living in North Quadra with the team-based and comprehensive health care they need, closer to home,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “With the support of local physicians, our primary care strategy is leveraging community collaboration to strengthen primary care services throughout the province. It means that people who currently do not have a consistent family doctor or a nurse practitioner will benefit from increased access to regular, ongoing primary care.”

The North Quadra UPCC is a collaboration led by Island Health, the South Island Division of Family Practice, and the Victoria Division of Family Practice. Once the UPCC opens in November 2020, it will be located at 100 – 4420 Chatterton Way.

“The South Island Division of Family Practice is pleased that one of the next urgent and primary care centres will open in North Quadra. We anticipate these new resources and funding for longitudinal primary care will help address a twenty-year long crisis in our south island communities. As a key resource in advancing our primary care future within South Island Division communities; we look forward to continuing to work closely with our health authority, Ministry of Health, First Nations and patient partners on a meaningful stakeholder engagement process to ensure the UPCC delivers on its promise of improved local health-care services in line with community needs.”
 - Dr Vanessa Young, South Island Division of Family Practice

“The Victoria Division of Family Practice is pleased that a majority of the new resources and funding for the North Quadra UPCC is directed to longitudinal primary care. We look forward to working closely with all our partners to make sure the new UPCC will address community needs and improve access to regular, ongoing care as well as urgent same-day and after-hours care.”
 - Drs Tim Troughton and Katharine McKeen, co-chairs, Victoria Division of Family Practice

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