Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

Operational Team

The Comox Division of Family Practice Operational Team comprises Division support and project staff:

Executive Director Catherine Browne
Executive Assistant/
Coordinator, CME
Judy Darby
Operations Manager Susan Muller
Finance Manager Parveen Chand
Primary Care Network (PCN)
Gavin Arthur
Primary Care Network (PCN)
Lisa McDougall-Lee
Primary Care Network (PCN)
Administrative Assistant
Lauralynn Shaefer

Primary Care Network (PCN)

Health Connect Registry Administrative Assistant

Alla Kulchiski

Primary Care Network (PCN) Evaluation Lead

Jacquie Kinney,
Recruitment & Retention
(R&R) Coordinator
Luba Hazeldine
Program Coordinator/Virtual Care Coordinator Alida Sklarski
Virtual Care Coordinator Kate Carlson
Long Term Care Coordinator Lynette Hornung