Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

3 Year Strategic Plan

Focus Areas

Supporting Family Physicians

  • Create robust mechanisms to hear and act on concerns from members to decrease stressors and encourage physician work-life balance
  • Sustain and enhance quality, local Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities for a diversity of practices/interests/Transition provision of CME to align with new Rural CME model
  • Evaluate how Information Management/Information Technology (IMIT) can be leveraged to support Family Physicians

Addressing Upstream Issues/Prevention

  • Sustain current upstream/prevention initiatives
  • Health Promotion
  • Children and Youth Mental Health
  • Address the Opioid Crisis
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Address Climate Change
  • Supporting Healthy Seniors

How We deliver Care: Team Based Care

  • Support development of team-based care
  • Improve/increase collaborative care between Family Physicians and other health care providers
  • Bolster support and ensure sustainability of the Doctor of the Day program
  • Enhance care of elderly
  • Coordinate after hours care and access 

Leadership, Partnership & Collaboration

  • Provide local leadership
  • Increase profile of the Division
  • Sustain and enhance partnerships