Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

Frail Elderly Care

In the face of rapidly growing demand, enhancing frail elderly care is a top priority for our Division. BC’s population is aging overall and the situation is particularly acute in the Comox Valley. On average, our population is older and the percentage of younger adults in our community is lower. Projections expect this trend to continue. For example, by 2033, our population is anticipated to grow 29 per cent while the percentage of those aged 75 and older is expected to jump by 94 per cent.

To care for this growing number of seniors, Division members are working to identify optimized care practices as well as contributing to the planning and design of additional community resources, such as Enhanced Frail Seniors Service, to help patients stay at home as long as safely possible. We are also helping integrate a nurse practitioner to support care for frail seniors. The Division is actively involved in how this role will function to best support the needs of our community.