Comox Valley Division of Family Practice


Membership in the Comox Valley Division of Family Practice is open to all practicing family doctors and nurse practitioners, including locums and those working in walk-in clinics or hospital emergency departments. Family medicine residents, midwives, and specialists are invited to join as associate members. 

How to Become a Member

Simply complete the online Membership Application Form and allow a short time for your Division Board to review and approve your application. Membership is free.

Member Services

We are committed to initiatives that benefit our membership including:

  • Access to UptoDate (free) – an online tool supporting clinical decisions
  • Access to Pathways – an online tool connecting specialists and family physicians
  • Access to Telephone & Sign Language Interpretation (free)
  • Administration of the Unassigned Inpatient (Doctor of the Day) program (Dr. Matous can answer any questions)
  • Events to support collegiality and information sharing within the medical community
  • Opportunities for cost savings medical supplies
  • A greater impact on the organization of local and regional health services and health authority

Division in Action: Streamlining Pharmacy Communication

When doctors and pharmacists expressed frustration with difficulties in communicating with each other and the wasted time it caused, we developed a Personal Communication Profile which lets doctors share the best way for pharmacists to connect when they have questions or patient requests. Now in use throughout the Comox Valley, the profile is improving patient service and saving time for doctors and pharmacists alike.