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First Nations Health Authority

The ​First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. In 2013, the FNHA assumed the programs, services, and responsibilities formerly handled by Health Canada's First Nations Inuit Health Branch – Pacific Region. The FNHA's vision is to transform the health and well-being of BC's First Nations and Aboriginal people by dramatically changing healthcare for the better.

Changes in Drug Benefits for FNHA Clients

On October 1, 2017 FNHA ​​transitioned to PharmaCare ​as part of an overall plan to bring decision-making about health benefits closer to home and into the hands of First Nations. The FNHA PharmaCare plan will be a fully paid plan and BC PharmaCare will be the first payer for FNHA clients.​ ​

Key benefits of this transition include:

  • Providing clients with increased ease of access to benefits and services.
    A streamlined approvals process that reduces the number of steps needed for prescriptions approvals.
  • Integrating benefits with the Province of BC to reduce confusion around navigating both federal and provincial services.
  • A closer working partnership with PharmaCare, pharmacists, and physicians/nurse practitioners, all of whom have an interest in better outcomes for FNHA clients.
  • FNHA will be better positioned to transform benefits to reflect the cultures and perspectives of BC First Nations and incorporate First Nations’ models of wellness.
  • Over time, stronger relationships will be developed with providers to better coordinate benefits and fully integrate the program within a client’s circle of care.​

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