Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

Family Doctors Who Provide Maternity Care

In the Comox Valley, not all Family Doctors deliver babies. Family Doctors with a special interest in caring for pregnant women and newborns are available by self-referral, or by referral from another doctor.

Family Doctors in the Comox Valley have provided a website - Pregnant in Comox Valley - which helps individuals make decisions regarding their pregnancy, whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned, information regarding available supports and essential steps for each pregnancy stage.

Your maternity care is covered by British Columbia provincial health insurance (MSP) as long as you have a valid BC Care Card.

Family Doctors in the Comox Valley perform deliveries at Comox Valley Hospital in Courtenay. If you choose a family doctor to be your Maternity Care Provider, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive care for both pregnancy and other medical conditions (new or pre-existing)
  • Availability on-call 24 hours per day throughout pregnancy and after the birth of your baby
  • Breastfeeding support and well-baby care for your newborn
  • Collaboration with other care providers and community supports including public health nursing, obstetricians, and paediatricians as needed
  • Referral back to your Family Doctor at approximately 6 weeks postpartum
  • If you do not have a Family Doctor, your Maternity Care Provider can help you find one.


Highland Maternity Group

Dr. Daria Davyduke
Dr. Theresa Wilson
Dr. Trevor Shoesmith
Highland Family Practice
107C-1966 Guthrie Rd, Comox

Dr. Sara Sandwith
Dr. Suzanne Watters
Wavecrest Medical Clinic 
382-106 Lerwick Road, Courtenay


Cedar House Birth Collective - NEW! Opened March 1, 2023

Family Doctors:

  • Dr. Lauren Baerg
  • Dr. Gabrielle Rabu
  • Dr. Marley Greiner
  • Dr. Ellen Boyd

Phone: 250-338-4810


  • Liz Grose,
  • Jenna Chan,
  • Janice Forman,
  • Annabelle Sproule

Fax: 778-647-2319

Plum Midwifery

Cumberland Clinic: 2713 Dunsmuir Ave, Unit C Phone: 250-890-0832
Comox Clinic: 1822 Comox Ave, Unit A Phone: 250-890-0832