Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

Finding a Family Doctor in the Comox Valley

Residents of the Comox Valley have several ways of finding a Family Doctor... 

  • Visit the Pathways Medical Care Directory page and physicians currently accepting new patients will be listed under the title “I need care and do not have a doctor”.
  • Phone clinics in the Valley asking if they have space for new patients. The Division website has a list of family practice clinics in our community.
  • Self-refer to the Division using either of the forms below (fillable & non-fillable) and you will be placed on a wait list for a family doctor. Submission instructions are provided on the forms.  

Medical Care Directory

A list of Comox Valley Family Doctors can be found on the Pathways Medical Care Directory. Names and towns are searchable and Doctor information includes contact info, clinic hours, and virtual appointment services.

Central Referral Mechanism

The Central Referral Mechanism (CRM) was developed to assist Comox Valley residents in finding a family doctor where the needs are more complex or specific. It has been made available to the general public and the referral forms (fillable & non-fillable) are provided above. If you have any questions, please contact the CRM Administrator at

The CRM is a service provided by Comox Valley Division of Family Practice.
Pathways is provided through the General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC), a joint collaboration between Doctors of BC and the BC government. Individual Divisions of Family Practice also contribute operational funding at a local level.

For a full list of family practice and walk-in clinics in the Comox Valley, visit Our Clinics.