Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

Finding a Family Doctor in the Comox Valley

Residents of the Comox Valley have several ways of finding a Family Doctor... 

Pathways Family Physician Virtual Care Directory

A list of Comox Valley family doctors who are accepting new patients is found on the Pathways Family Physician Virtual Care Directory Residents can also search the Directory for their own physician to access their contact information, clinic hours, and virtual appointment services. 

Pathways is provided through the General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC), a joint collaboration between Doctors of BC and the BC government. Individual Divisions of Family Practice also contribute operational funding at a local level.

Central Referral Mechanism

The Central Referral Mechanism (CRM) is available to assist Comox Valley residents in finding a family doctor where the needs are more complex or specific. Residents may self-refer or be referred by a community agency or care provider. Those who may benefit from this support may be frail elderly in the community/in care, moms and babies, those with mental health or substance use challenges, or those with complex physical and medical needs.

To refer, complete the REFERRAL FORM and fax to 1-866-386-2224 or email to the address below. 

The CRM Administrator will review the referral and forward it to a doctor in our community. The  resident and the doctor will have an opportunity to meet and decide if it makes sense to continue with more appointments. This POSTER describes the process.

If you have any questions, please contact the CRM Administrator at

The CRM is a service provided by Comox Valley Division of Family Practice.

For a full list of family practice and walk-in clinics in the Comox Valley, visit Our Clinics.