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Comox Valley Oscar EMR Resources

Updates shared Dec 2019:

eForms for Download

VIHA Regional Surgical Booking Form

Updated with drop-down list for procedure codes (circa Jul 2019).

BC Women and Children Fetal Diagnostics Referral form

Updated referral form for the BC Women's Hospital Fetal Diagnostics Services. It does a few extra things like remind you to fill required fields and it has a button to calculate the estimated gestational age.

BC Womens Hospital Ambulatory Clinic Referral 2019

Erelzi (Etanercept) XPOSE Enrollment Form

Primary Care Patient Summary eForm*

*This form can be used in conjunction with EMR Connect to upload Patient Medical Summaries directly into Powerchart. For more information, contact your PSP coordinator.

Primary Care Patient Summary ‘Cheat Sheet’ for OSCAR eform Template

Grieg Health Record for Young Adults

Updated Special Authority for Donepezil

Nanaimo Orthopedics

Emgality Patient Support Enrollment Form

SCAT-5- Concussion Form

MOT Medical Condition Reporting Form (2018 version)

BC Women and Children Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinic

Medical Report for a Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit 2018


General Information

Have you ever used the Caseload function in Oscar? Click this link for more information!


Updates shared Aug 2019:

NEW eForms/tools available for OSCAR users (pertinent to Comox/C. River areas):

Updated eForms/tools available for OSCAR users (pertinent to Comox/C. River areas):


Also, helpful Report by Templates (RBTs) recently shared: