Comox Valley Division of Family Practice

Port Augusta Family Practice

Great opportunity to customize your practice in an incredible location with great links to the Mainland. ​Either a 1 full-time or 1 part-time family practice is available - tailored to the physician.

  • Billing Splits 70/30 split but negotiable. Zero overhead for hospital work.
  • Remuneration: Fee for Service
  • No partnership buy-in
  • No administrative burden
  • No binding, restrictive contracts
  • Flexible and autonomous work schedules/practice
  • No locum provision requirement
  • No billing means no overhead (vacation, conference time, etc.)
  • Relocation expenses up to $14,000 (current rate $12,000 from within Canada, $14,000 if overseas)
  • Additional signing on incentive depending on commitment- negotiable' (in addition to Island Health's $10,000)

A physician/care provider-focused management model... satisfied staff = satisfied patients = great work environment. There are eight family physicians, a registered acupuncturist, a registered dietitian, and supportive staff.

The clinic is situated in Central Comox Valley, with a varied patient demographic and immediate proximity to the new North Island hospital site. ​

May be eligible for additional remuneration in accordance with the Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) including *Recruitment Incentive - $10,000; *Fee Premium – 6.93%; *Annual Flat Fee - $$10,516.77; *Rural CME - $2,200/annum after three years in the community to maximum $4,400/annum after four years.
Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement - Province of British Columbia (

Dr. James Ingrey
Port Augusta Family Practice
Unit 5 & 6 
215 Port Augusta Street
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