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The health care system in BC is undergoing a transformation. The Divisions of Family practice are working with partners including the GPSC, Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health to create a system that improves access to high- quality, long-term, comprehensive primary care for patients, while also prioritizing the leadership, well-being and job satisfaction of family physicians. 

At the heart of this transformation is the Patient Medical Home Model and the Patient Care Networks. 

Patient Medical Home

A patient medical home, or PMH, is a family practice that provides longitudinal primary care as part of an integrated health care system. In a PMH, the family physician is at the centre of patient care, leading and coordinating that care. 

Benefits of PMH include:

  • access to a full range of services and supports for patients
  • more time to focus on difficult diagnoses and strengthening patient relationships
  • increased community and support for physicians
  • reduced physician burnout
  • access to specialist services and other health care providers in the community

Patient Medical Homes form the cornerstone of the development of Primary Care Networks in the province.

Primary Care Network

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is a network of local primary care service providers within a community. These providers partner with community organizations, allied health care providers and health authorities to deliver coordinated care to patients in the community. PCNs focus on providing a team-based approach to primary care. 

PCN allows family physicians to:

  • focus on their areas of strength
  • access patient services and resources quickly and conveniently
  • access expanded services for patients with complex conditions
  • work collaboratively with other primary care service providers

Neighbourhood Networks 

The Surrey-North Delta Division is currently undertaking the required steps in the process to create PCNs in our Division. Once of the steps in that process has been to create Neighbourhood Networks -- networks of family physicians within various smaller geographical areas of Surrey and North Delta. Regular meetings are currently being held for each Neighbourhood Network, in order to make connections and pave a path forward together.

The Neighbourhood Networks in Surrey-North Delta are:

  • North Delta
  • West Newton
  • North Surrey
  • Guildford
  • Cloverdale
  • East Newton
  • Fleetwood
  • Panorama

For more information about neighbourhood networks, or to find out about the next meetup in your area, contact the lead for your Neighbourhood.  


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Supports Currently In Place

A number of the physician supports available through our Division and partners such as Doctors of BC and Shared Care are setting the groundwork for implementing PCN and PMH in Surrey and North Delta. These supports make it easier for primary care providers to collaborate, access supports, and access specialist care for their patients. 

Get Involved

To learn more about PCN/PMH in the Surrey-North Delta Division, or find out how you can play an active role in its implementation, contact Saira Abrar. 

More Resources

The GPSC has a comprehensive overview of PCN/PMH that can be found here. 

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