Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice

PCN Practice Benefits and Supports

As a Family Physician, you may be wondering what PCNs will be able to provide for your practice, your patients and your own work-life balance and wellbeing. 

The first step to understanding how PCNs in Surrey-North Delta could benefit your practice is to understand what PCNs are.

Learn more about PCNs in this short video. 

As part of a Primary Care Network, PCN physicians can directly access a supportive team of health care providers and services outside of the practice to expand care for their patients.

This means that Family Physicians within the PCN get more support to do their job, including:

  • Quick and convenient access to an array of clinical services in the community
  • Support to care for patients with complex needs, with the help of  teams, allied health care providers, and easily-accessed health authority services
  • Communication about how patients are doing
  • Access to expanded services for vulnerable patients and those with complex health conditions

One goal of our Surrey-North Delta PCN is to develop networks of Family Physicians within and between our PCN neighbourhoods. Our aim for these networks is to enable participants to make decisions as a collective and to deliver primary care in a holistic way. Some benefits of these networks include:

  • A more supportive and collaborative environment for FPs, including better communication between the MRP and other care providers
  • Improved quality of patient care
  • Reduction in FP burnout thanks to
    • more flexible scheduling (cross-coverage for extended hours, sick leave, vacations and MOAs)
    • greater access to subspecialties within the network
  • A reduction in duplicated services and acute care visits
  • A stronger voice when advocating for FP and community health needs

To connect with your Neighbourhood Network, contact your Physician Engagement and Support team member. 

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As our PCN grows, we will be expanding and refining the resources available to PCN physicians. Supports currently in development include:

  • A Surrey-North Delta Maternity Hub
  • An FP-to-FP network to support cross-coverage, MOA coverage and mentorship
  • The hiring and training of NTP physicians, Nurse Practitioners and allied health providers to support the Family Physicians in our PCN.