Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice

Patient Medical Home and Primary Care Networks



Patient Medical Home

A Patient Medical Home (PMH) is a family practice that provides coordinated, longitudinal care. For patients, this means better access to health resources, managed in one place by your family physician or nurse practitioner. 

For physicians, this means increased access to a wide range of supports, the ability to provide a higher quality of care, and more time to spend on what you really care about: your patients. 

In a community, PMH is the foundation of primary care, connected by Primary Care Networks. 

Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are local networks of primary care service providers. For patients, this means greater access to the type of care that you need - including specialized services.

For physicians, it means connection to a network of peers and other service providers so that you can provide convenient, timely care to your patients.

For more information about PMH and PCN, visit the GPSC website.