Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice

PCN in Other Communities

How will PCN change primary care delivery in Surrey-North Delta? How will it impact my practice and my patients? Will it increase my workload or decrease it? How will I be compensated? 

If you are a Family Physician contemplating participation in PCN, you might have many questions. PCN participants in other communities might have the answers. 

While Surrey-North Delta is currently in our first year of implementation, other communities in BC have been operating as PCNs for several years and many of them have stories and experience to share. 

Here's what Family Physicians have to say about PCNs in the Fraser Northwest Division. 


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Across BC, 24 Collaborative Services Committees (CSCs), supporting 59 PCNs have approved funding allocations and are now implementing their service plans. In the Fraser Health region, PCNs currently being implemented are: