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Pathways Referral Tracker

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Referral Tracker

The Pathways Referral Tracker is a tool for health care providers that serves as a bi-directional communication hub between Family Physicians and Specialists. 

Features of the Referral Tracker include: 

  • A collaborative dashboard (accessible through an existing Pathways account) where both FPs and specialists can track patient referral status (ie. sent, received, patient wait listed or booked).
  • The ability to use existing office workflow to send a referral letter and accompanying documentation to the specialist clinic.
  • Secure messaging between FP and specialist offices through the dashboard.
  • Automated electronic patient notifications sent by email or text, including patient instructions.

When used to its full capacity, the Referral Tracker allows Family Physician offices to know exactly when a specialist has accepted, waitlisted, or booked a patient. It can also reduce MOA workload and improve communication with patients. 

For more information about the Referral Tracker, including a more complete list of benefits for Family Physicians and patients, visit the Pathways Referral Tracker web page.

----> Current Referral Tracker Specialists in Surrey-North Delta (Pathways login required)




Referral Tracker Promo from Pathways BC on Vimeo.