White Rock-South Surrey Division of Family Practice

Primary Care Network

We are in year four of a four year implementation of a Primary Care Network (PCN) in White Rock-South Surrey (WRSS) and then onto sustainment for our community. Read our Annual Report for year three.

Our PCN vision is to:

  • increase patient wellness by creating a collaborative and coordinated system of care where patients have access to the right services in the right place

Our guiding principles are to:

  • foster a team-based approach
  • increase the amount, continuity and/or quality of attachment
  • improve ease of service access for patients and providers
  • provide patient education on how to appropriately use the services in our community
  • connect with the broader community
  • increase competency with regards to diversity or health equity
  • care is culturally safe and appropriate
  • increase passion for our work
  • facilitate the sharing and/or accessibility to patient information

    By the end of March 2024 we will:

    • have all family physician clinics in WRSS involved with our PCN and we will have approximately 27 additional clinicians--nurses, social workers, patient educators, pharmacist, mental health clinicians and additional counselling services 

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