Recruitment and Retention

Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee

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Ensuring BC communities have enough family doctors now and in the future is an important priority for most divisions. The GPSC-funded Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee plays a key role in moving this priority forward at the provincial level and in supporting divisions’ regional recruitment and retention efforts.

Strength in collaboration

First formed in 2012 as an inter-divisional collaboration, the Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee evolved to its current multi-stakeholder composition following the 2015 Physician Recruitment and Retention Stakeholder Summit.

Today, it brings together representatives from the GPSC, the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues, the Ministry of Health, health authorities, and Health Match BC. Participating partners include the BC College of Family Physicians, College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, First Nations Health Authority, Society of General Practitioners of BC, UBC Faculty of Medicine, and Union of BC Municipalities.

Through collaboration, the committee works to ensure all those connected to family medicine in BC are aligned as we move toward our common goal of optimizing primary care.

Our role

The committee’s key responsibilities are to:

• Take action on key recommendations from the Physician Recruitment and Retention Stakeholder Summit held in March 2015.
• Build on the work of and learnings from divisions’ A GP for Me recruitment and retention strategies (a key example of which are the recruitment and retention tools that form part of the new portal).
• Maintain its role as an integrator of divisions’ learnings and approaches to physician recruitment and retention and practice coverage and thereby support collective sharing of solutions at the local level.


The committee’s activities are guided by the following four focal points:
1. Improving access to recruitment and retention information tools and resources, such as the online toolkit.
2. Strengthening engagement of UBC medical students and residents.
3. Enhancing recruitment and retention of Canadian medical graduates, international medical graduates, and Canadians studying abroad.
4. Improving practice coverage strategies.

In November 2016, the committee launched, a one-stop web portal providing access to everything doctors, residents and students need to know about building their lives and careers in BC. As well, the portal provides a host of tools and information to help divisions with local recruitment and retention activities.

For more information contact the Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee.