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Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

The Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice represents physicians who support the communities along the lower Sunshine Coast, including Earl's Cove, Langdale, Madeira Park, Pender Harbour, Sechelt, Robert's Creek, and Gibsons.

Together, the members work to improve local primary care, increase local physicians' influence on health care delivery and policy, and provide professional support for physicians. Membership is open to all physicians practising or recently retired on the Lower Sunshine Coast, including specialists and locums.

The Division gives local physicians an opportunity to work collaboratively with Vancouver Coastal Health, the General Practice Service Committee (GPSC), and the Ministry of Health to identify health care needs within the Sunshine Coast community and to develop workable solutions to meet those needs.


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Division Snapshot

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November 2011

Board of Directors
4 members

Health Authority 
Vancouver Coastal Health


Employment Opportunities

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Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice

Looking for a Family Physician on the Sunshine Coast??

Currently, there are no physicians on the Sunshine Coast accepting new patients with the exception of new maternity patients (see below).

There is just one walk-in clinic available. Please contact Gibsons Medical Associates at (604) 886-2868 

Physicians Accepting New Maternity Patients

Dr. Jane Bishop - Arbutus Clinic 604-885-2384

Dr. Rayna Sivakova – Gibsons Medical Clinic 604-886-2868 

Dr. Julie Baxter - Sechelt Medical Clinic 604-885-2257  
Dr. Jack Bryson - Sechelt Medical Clinic 604-885-2257
Dr. Sarah Lasuta – Sechelt Medical Clinic 604-885-2257 

Dr. Jeannette Gibbons - Upstream Medical Clinic 604-885-6400
Dr. Karen Scott – Upstream Medical Clinic 604-885-6400