Welcome to the Vancouver Division of Family Practice

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice is a not-for-profit society funded by the Government of British Columbia and Doctors of BC, and works in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, British Columbia Ministry of Health, Providence Health Care, and other community organizations.  Our mission is to improve the primary care system in Vancouver for the benefit of our patients and members alike.

As the largest provincial division, membership of more than 1,000 family doctors represents 92% of the practicing family doctors in Vancouver and 20% of physicians in the province.


As a member-driven organization we'd like to hear your ideas, suggestions or comments about the work of your Division. Your input helps guide the Division to ensure that we are working on behalf of our physician members and providing meaningful and positive support in the areas most important to you. Your feedback and involvement are greatly appreciated.



What's new at the Vancouver Division


Update on billing codes and sessional rate

Enabling delegation
As part of the service requirements for the GPSC planning fees, doctors may now delegate non-face-to-face planning tasks to College-certified allied care providers working within a GP practice. This change affects the following GPSC incentives:

  • G14033: GP Complex Care Planning and Management Fee
  • G14043: GP Mental Health Planning Fee
  • G14063: GP Palliative Care Planning Fee
  • G14075: GP Frailty Complex Care Planning and Management Fee

Further information about fees that enable delegation

Simplifying billing
The Personal Health Risk Assessment (Prevention) (G14066) has been amended to align with the GPSC planning fees. Physicians are no longer required to bill a visit fee in addition to the G14066 fee. A visit fee may still be billed in addition if medically required and does not take place concurrently with the face-to-face planning included under G14066. 
Further information about billing simplification

Clarifying documentation
To reflect recent change to MSP's counselling fee 0120, the GPSC added a clarifying note to some of its mental health fees:

  • G14044: GP Mental Health Management Fee age 2-49
  • G14045: GP Mental Health Management Fee age 50–59
  • G14046: GP Mental Health Management Fee age 60–69
  • G14047: GP Mental Health Management Fee age 70–79
  • G14048: GP Mental Health Management Fee age 80+

GPs should ensure that clinical notes for 0120 or GPSC mental health management fee billing include the required documentation as of December 1, 2018.
Clarification about required documentation

Reminder to submit Portal Fees
GPs are reminded to submit the GPSC Portal (G14070) or GPSC Locum Portal fee (G14071), as required at the start of the new year.
Information on G14070/71 in the GPSC Billing Guide- Portal

Sessional rates increase
Effective February 1, 2019 sessional rates will increase as follows:

  • GP – $134.77/hour and $471.70/session
  • Specialist – $158.97/hour and $556.40/session


UBC Pharmacists Clinic and the Vancouver Division collaboration

The Vancouver Division and UBC Pharmacists Clinic (listed on Pathways) are collaborating to provide family physicians with access to drug therapy specialists to help optimize the care of any patient taking medications. The Clinic offers a no-cost, timely and collaborative approach to implement, monitor and adjust drug therapies for optimal results. Click here for more information.


New online Mental Health and Substance Use resource

Primary care plays an important role in supporting the mental health needs of patients, with the understanding that people are most likely to discuss their mental health concerns with their family physician before any other provider. Through Vancouver Division’s work in developing resources for family physicians, as well as our networks and partnerships in Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU), we have access to and knowledge of many valuable MHSU programs, services and resources in our community. Our hope is to help find the right connection for those in need of support. Click here to visit the Vancouver Division's MHSU online list of resources. 


CBT Skills Group Program: Increased capacity for more patient referrals

In response to the growing number of referrals to the program, additional capacity has been added to the Vancouver CBT Skills Group Program, with groups starting in February, March and April. This 8-week psycho-education program is for patients with low to moderate severity of anxiety and depression, as well as other lower acuity mental health diagnoses. Referral information can be found on Pathways. For more information contact Justin Ho.


Do you have questions about retirement?

The Vancouver Division has a variety of resources, tools, and processes to help physicians effectively plan for their retirement. Whether you are 5 years away from retirement or closing your practice soon, we can provide support in transitioning patients to other care, office closure processes, and more. If you haven't found someone to take over your practice, please contact the Recruitment & Retention Team for information on this program.


GPs needed to provide gender-affirming primary care for unattached patients

The Patient Attachment Initiative has matched over 8,500 unattached patients to GPs in Vancouver. Currently, more capacity is needed to match well-supported unattached transgender patients in need of GPs who provide gender-affirming primary care. Any GPs interested in accepting unattached transgender patients from this program (even one patient per month), please contact Catherine Addison. Learn more here


Vancouver Division Access to Telephone Interpreting Services

Vancouver Division has signed up for members to access on-demand phone interpreting services as part of the Provincial Language Service’s pilot project.  The services are voluntary and at no cost to you. Click here for more information.  Click here to visit the PHSA webpage about PLS. 


Upcoming Division Events

March 6Serious Illness Conversations (6.0 Mainpro+ credits)

Vancouver Division is hosting a repeat session of Serious Illness Conversations: Engaging Patients and Families. Join your colleagues for an evening of interactive learning about this very important topic. The goal of the workshop is to enhance physician practice through improved workflow, documentation, and capacity to support our patients nearing the end of their life. For more information contact Alice Huang.


March 7: Dine & Learn- Sports Medicine and Active Living

Vancouver Division welcomes members to an interactive learning evening on topics ranging from care of knee, foot/ankle, and shoulder conditions to radiology, prescribing exercise, and rehab medicine. Our annual Dine & Learn sold out last year, so register early. For more information contact Alice Huang.


April 3Vancouver Division & FLC Tax Clinic 2019

In partnership with Financial Literacy Counsel, the Vancouver Division is hosting a Resident Doctor Tax Clinic for CURRENT Resident members of Vancouver Division. Attendees will have the opportunity for a 30-min appointment with a chartered professional accountant to file their tax return free of charge. Residents who are married to other residents must book consecutive appointments (resident spouse/partner does not have to be a Vancouver Division member). For more information contact