Welcome to the Vancouver Division of Family Practice

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice is a not-for-profit society funded by the Government of British Columbia and Doctors of BC, and works in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, British Columbia Ministry of Health, Providence Health Care, and other community organizations.  Our mission is to improve the primary care system in Vancouver for the benefit of our patients and members alike.

As the largest provincial division, membership of more than 1,000 family doctors represents 92% of the practicing family doctors in Vancouver and 20% of physicians in the province.


As a member-driven organization we'd like to hear your ideas, suggestions or comments about the work of your Division. Your input helps guide the Division to ensure that we are working on behalf of our physician members and providing meaningful and positive support in the areas most important to you. Your feedback and involvement are greatly appreciated.



What's new at the Vancouver Division


Vancouver Division Q&A- in response to your feedback

Thank you to members for sharing your comments about the work of the Vancouver Division. More than likely the thoughts of one physician are similar amongst our membership. We look forward to creating an open dialogue in response to your questions.  

Ongoing discussion around primary care in Vancouver and the work of your Division is important to us. We hope this first Q&A helps answer your questions around primary care system change, though we realize the depth of the work, and encourage your continued feedback. We look forward to expanding on this Q&A to keep you informed on areas important to members. 

Click here to view the Vancouver Division Q&A


Are you interested in accepting patients from retiring family physicians?

When family doctors retire in Vancouver without anyone to take over their practices, the Vancouver Division helps relocate their patients to new care close to their home. This process is carefully controlled, and involves the transfer of a small batch of patients per week to an accepting family doctor in their area by providing patients with a detailed letter and instructions. If you are interested in taking on patients from a retiring family doctor, contact the Recruitment & Retention Team for information.


CBT Skills Group Program: New program capacity

Six new Vancouver CBT Skills Group Programs are starting now through end of June, with patient spots available. This 8-week psycho-education program is for patients with low to moderate severity of anxiety and depression, as well as other lower acuity mental health diagnoses. Referral information can be found on Pathways. For more information contact Justin Ho.


Vancouver Division Access to Telephone Interpreting Services

Vancouver Division has signed up for members to access on-demand phone interpreting services as part of the Provincial Language Service’s pilot project.  The services are voluntary and at no cost to you. Click here for more information.  Click here to visit the PHSA webpage about PLS. 


Upcoming Division Events

May 14: 4th Annual Physician Retirement Information Session 
The Vancouver Division has a variety of resources, tools, and processes to help physicians plan for their retirement, which will be discussed in-depth at this session. Whether you are 5 years away from retirement, or closing your practice very soon, this session will provide you with valuable information. For more information contact the Recruitment & Retention Team.


May 22: Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Resource Fair
As a member of the Vancouver Local Action Team (LAT) on child and youth mental health and substance use (MHSU), the Vancouver Division is collaborating on an informational resource fair for MHSU resources and services particularly for youth. This fair is at no cost and will also include a panel discussion (at 12:30pm) on supporting youth with MHSU issues through a trauma-informed lens. Although geared for frontline youth workers, this is an opportunity for members to learn about community resources for younger patients. For more information contact Justin Ho.


June 19: Gender Affirming Primary Care Training 
Family physicians interested in providing primary care to transgender patients are invited to a training session hosted by Prism Services, VCH Trans Specialty Care, Trans Care BC and the Vancouver Division. The goal of this session is to better equip you to support current/future transgender patients in your practice. Information on receiving preceptorship and office staff training will be provided. There is no fee to register but registration is required, dinner provided.