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Current Family Physician Opportunities

*If you are interested in learning more about practicing in Surrey and North Delta or applying for any of the opportunities below, please contact Megan Shymanski at 

Dr. Sandeep Sharma Medical clinic (75 Ave, 120 St, Delta)

I have been running my busy family practice for the last 10 years and am seeking another physician to join me. I have had many locums over the years and am open to discussing another locum arrangement or opportunity to join me part-time or full-time.

The practice has a diverse patient population with an emphasis on family patients.

The office has Oscar EMR, 6 examination rooms, very experienced staff. We are located in a plaza with an optometrist, massage therapist, physiotherapist and dentist.

Opportunity for $10,000 funding for relocation compensation with 1 year commitment. Minimum $800 per day.

Happy to discuss with any interested physicians.

Village Medical Centre at the Harrison (90 Ave/160 St, Surrey)

We are a Physician duo co-locating in a clinic in Elim Village, in the Fleetwood area of Surrey. We have space for another Physician to join us; prefer another co-locating set-up but open to discussing a split agreement. Benefits of joining us include:

  • mentorship from a very experienced Physician & MOA
  • opportunity to get involved with long-term care
  • very flexible scheduling
  • centrally located in Surrey
  • open to NTP contract

We would be happy to discuss and see if we can come to an arrangement that benefits each of us.

1Health Medical clinic (153 St/66 Ave, Surrey)

We have a new clinic that is being built with an anticipated opening date in January 2024. We are 2 female physicians who have been practicing in Surrey for the past few years and are now setting up a clinic of our own and looking for another Physician to join us.

The clinic will be located at 153 St/66 Ave, Surrey.

We can accommodate a flexible schedule to suit your preference.

Will be using Accuro or Oscar EMR. Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu could be beneficial.

We are interested in talking with any physician looking to come to Surrey or already practicing in Surrey and looking to move clinics. 

Trio Medical (74 Ave/135 St, Surrey)

**Locum opportunity to cover paternity leave**

This is a brand new medical clinic in the middle of Surrey, located at 74 Ave & 135 St.

Locum would be covering my patient panel and have the support of 2 other Family Physicians, an endocrinologist and 4 experienced MOAs whom are each at the clinic basically everyday. There is an adjacent pharmacy next to the clinic who can provide input into medications for my patients. I can be accessible via phone call for any patient concerns.

The clinic has 8 rooms, 2 washrooms, a staff lunchroom and plenty of parking.

The clinic is using Med Access EMR.

Punjabi speaking would be an asset but is not necessary.

I would be pleased to meet with interested locums and offer a clinic tour.

Split is 80/20 (locum would sign an assignment of payment); LFP model.

Mix of MSP, ICBC and WCB patients.

Manchanda Medical Clinic (King George Blvd/75th, Surrey)

One of our Physicians passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly leaving behind a full panel. We are looking for a part-time or full-time Physicain to join us and take on some of these patients.

We are located inside Superstore on King George Blvd and at 75th. Collegial, fun and supportive environment. Excellent front staff support. Efficient clinic. Currently have 2 Physician practicing full time.

Hindi or Punjabi speaking an asset.

No call requirements.

Currently open 6 days, 8:30 am to 3 pm, closed Sundays (due to physician shortage). We could increase opening hours (or even open Sundays) to suit your availability. You are welcome to talk to the existing physicians and front staff. Modern, well equipped clinic with 8 exam rooms. Additional opportunity for minor procedures, cosmetic injections, medical-legal reports, teaching students or residents.

Come and try 1 or 2 shifts. You will love it!


Income Split 75% or higher - monthly cap on your overhead, which makes your income split ever better.

Additional private billing opportunities.

Very high income potential.

The Clinic at Clayton Heights (71 Ave/188 St, Surrey)

We have 5 exam rooms and we can look into possibly turning one of the extra spaces into another exam room to ensure the incoming Physician has access to two rooms at all times while working. We have 3 full time MOAs and 2 part time MOAs working with us.

Open to locum to permanent option or permanent.

We have two internal medicine specialists who see our patients out of our sister clinic nearby. They have exercise stress test and holter monitor capabilities and can help the incoming physician manage complex patients We also have a neurologist who works in our office.

We have an in-house pharmacist who we can chat with during encounters.

Patient volume is good at the clinic and the new Physician can see as many or as few as desired. The new Physician can decide when to take breaks in their day/lunch etc. 

We are flexible in scheduling. We have option to share large panel of patients with the other physicians, to give extra flexibility. Very collegial team with good mentorship and a supportive environment.

Can discuss New to Practice contract.

The split is 75/25 for MSP/WCB/ICBC/tray fees

Clayton Market Medical (191 St/Fraser Hwy, Surrey)

My clinic is located on the Surrey/Langley border in the family-friendly neighborhood of Clayton Heights, Surrey. For the last few years I have been working alongside another Physician that has recently moved to another clinic. I am looking for another Physician to join me. Opportunity to trial and see if there is a good fit between us and staff.

Days and hours are flexible.

We are a small but busy office and have wonderful staff. We have 2 full time MOA's who are excellent and help run the clinic very effectively; they know the patients well! Feedback from other locums is that it's a well organized clinic with helpful staff and overall a good experience.

EMR is Medaccess. Free wifi for Physician; free parking for Physician and patients.

80/20 split

Fee for service, Longitudinal payment model or new to practice contract can all be discussed.

We would be more than happy to answer questions or show you the clinic!

First Canadian Medical (148 St/104 Ave, Surrey)

Our very friendly team is currently made up of 6 Physicians and 8 MOAs. We currently have 1 female and 5 male Physicians at this office. Physicians at this clinic have varying levels of experience.

The owner is middle-aged and very personable. He has mentorship and teaching experience and can satisfy sponsorship requirements.

We do lots of teaching of UBC students and residents, IMG’s, and Nurse practitioners in this clinic.

3 of our Physicians were trained in the US and have experience with transition to Canada. In July 2023 one of our Physicians will be moving away so we are looking to add a Physician/Nurse Practitioner to the practice! We are a young group of Physician’s that work together in a collegial atmosphere; we support each other and cover in each other’s absence so we can all take time off.

The practice has 10 spacious exam rooms with computers and printers. We support a diverse patient panel and supports chronic, complex care, pediatrics and suburban family patients. We are a full service family practice with a walk in component to accommodate our patients and community. The office is equipped with an Oscar EMR system and supported by very knowledgeable staff that will ensure the smooth function of your busy day. The office is located in a family-friendly neighborhood close to the largest mall in Surrey. We have a Pharmacy, Physio, Chiro, Massage, Sleep Clinic, Hearing Clinic and Dental Clinic in the same building for convenience of our patients. We can perform our own Holters and ECG on site.

We have secure underground parking for staff which is free.

Our Clinic is open 7 days a week and also open in the evenings- you can tailor your schedule to what suits you!

You have the option to do ICBC and WCB cases.

You have the option to bill fee for service or use the new LFP Payment Model.

The split is 70/30 for MSP and private billing 80/20 but this is negotiable depending on the candidate.

TLC Medical (128 St/80 Ave, Surrey)

We are looking for a Physician to join our team! We have just opened our new clinic located in Surrey at 80 Ave & 128 Street.

The clinic has 8 clinical exam rooms. We have a billing clerk and manager supporting the clinic: There is free on-site parking for patients and staff.

We are looking at mainly family practice but can support some walk ins as you build up your panel. We have experience with and are open to NTP, LFP, FFS and supporting any IMGs.

We are running Oscar EMR. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and see if there is a good fit for you at the practice.

82/18 split

Singh Medical (152 St/68 Ave, Surrey)

Opportunity to locum, take over partial panel or take over practice

I am a family physician looking to cut back my hours. Open to a variety of options.

Locum to check the practice out and if there is a good fit and stay on long term. If someone likes my practice and wants to take over then all I would ask is to let me see patients twice a week or so on a flexible schedule as I would like to be with my parents in India more. I am flexible when it comes to negotiating financial issues. My idea is not to make money off of anyone but to find someone to help my patients and to maintain my licensure requirements.

Oscar EMR.

Punjabi and Hindi would be beneficial.   


Ace Medical (120 St/ 80 Avenue, Surrey)

Opportunity to join our collegial team at our new clinic in Surrey!

We are looking to add an additional Physician to our current team of 3 full time GPs. We are each IMGs having completed our Residencies in the US. We are available to support a recent graduate or welcome an experienced Physician. We have a MOA:Doctor ratio of 1:1.

2 of our doctors regularly have UBC med students and have a passion for teaching. We may have UBC residents rotating with us in the future.

We are a collegial team and have a large, shared office in the back of the clinic and have regular team lunches.


Split offered is 85/15 with a monthly cap (negotiable).

We would love to discuss this opportunity with you and show you our clinic!

Clinic is open Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

Boulevard Medical (King George/80 Ave, Surrey)

We are looking to add another physician to our Surrey Office. We currently have 5 Physicians at the clinic. We are a busy office and will help new physicians grow their patient panel with the opportunity for mentorship from one of our Senior Physicians.

Office is newly renovated with 8 exam rooms; Welch Allyn Connex® Integrated Wall System in each room with Dragon Medical Dictation to provide patient care efficiently.

Punjabi speaking could be an asset but not necessary. Free parking for patients & Physician. Free Wifi for Physicians.

You could see between 40 - 50 patients daily. FFS. 80/20 split. MedAccess EMR.

We would be happy to discuss and/or show you around.

RiteCare Medical (128 St/88 Ave, Surrey)

Currently a Physician duo, looking for an additional Physician to join us, either part or full time. Opportunity to see between 20 - 40 patients per day, as you are comfortable with. Combination of family practice and telemedicine. Current patient panel is a combination of Caucasian/South Asian between the ages of 25 - 50.

Clinic has wait list of current patients' family members that incoming Physician could accept to build panel.

We have 6 exam rooms; 1 of the current Physicians is only working 3 days per week on-site, the other full time, so there’s plenty of space available. We’ve got 2 nurses and a pharmacy team onsite, so it’s a great setup for a multi-doctor clinic.

Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu speaking would be beneficial.

Juno/Oscar EMR.

80/20, you keep all ICBC/private pay fees

Kennedy Family Health Centre (86 Ave/120 St, Surrey)

Seeking Physicians to share large clinic space on Surrey-North Delta border.

We have a large clinic space available and are seeking additional Physicians to join the practice. Currently we have a solo Physician at the clinic having had his 2 colleagues retire in the last couple years. The Physician is willing to transfer panel, transfer a partial panel or support the incoming Physician(s) to build their own panel. Month to month rent is available. Physician is really open to discussing all options. Plans to practice until the end of the year but can stay on longer. Great opportunity for a couple newer Physicians to co-locate and build their practice.

Happy to chat and see if we can come up with an arrangement that works for all involved.

Dr. Tom Iwama (152 St/105 Ave, Surrey)

Opportunity to take over practice with mentorship and holiday coverage from the retiring Physician.

After 40 years in practice, I am preparing to retire in December 2023. I have a well-managed practice with an active panel of approximately 2000 patients, including a mixture of acute care and chronic disease management patients. I am hoping to find a Physician interested in taking over my panel/practice. I am able to offer mentorship, coverage for the incoming Physician to take holidays and help with overload.

My office is located in the Guildford area of Surrey in a building alongside many allied health professional and other family physicians.

Currently using Telus Wolf EMR.

Would be pleased to have a chat and show you around the clinic.

iCollab (66 Ave/152 Street, Surrey)

*not able to support a Provisional license at this point

Our brand new facility is a medical centre of high quality finished and equipped suites. Amenities include allied health professionals. We provide primary and specialty care, walk-in services, and family practice services centered around team-based care and the patient community.


The center offers flexible schedules and hours to fit physician’s needs. Typical hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM-6PM with weekends and walk-in being optional.

Facility Information:

The center consists of a Medical office, Pharmacy, Optometry, Dentistry, and Physiotherapy allowing for strong allied professional support.

Our Medical office has 6 exam/treatment rooms, a doctor’s consult office, 2 triage rooms, nurses' station, reception, waiting area, and a staff room. Ample parking available on site. Easy commutable access and surrounded by an established community.

We believe in collaboration, ethics, and professionalism. All thoughts and interests can be discussed openly to best fit your personal practice needs.

Remuneration: 80/20 split

Roots Community Health Centre (89 Ave/152 St, Surrey)

*not able to support a Provisional license at this point

Roots Community Health Centre (CHC) is a non-profit society providing comprehensive longitudinal primary health care services for vulnerable newcomers such as refugees, new immigrants, migrant workers and refugee claimants.

Roots CHC is committed to providing care within the social determinants of health, Cultural safety and trauma-informed care. Our providers include Family physicians and NPs who will be working with allied health care providers and RNs to provide a team-based care to our patients. Roots CHC operates as part of the Surrey North Delta Primary Care Network. Part time or full time, on-Call Hours are flexible, one day per week.

Clinical Service Contract

Estimated Yearly Remuneration  $274,000. Possible incentives available to be allotted per NTP contract.

Aventus Medical (120 St/75 Ave, Surrey)

Come join our multidisciplinary clinic! We are a group of specialists (Endocrinologist, Nephrologist, Infectious Disease, General Internal Medicine) looking for a Family Physician to join our office! We have excellent MOAs, 3 exam rooms for your use, EMR system and, best of all, friendly colleagues. We would be happy to share our space!           

Monday to Friday anytime between 730am to 5pm.

LiveWell Medical Center (King George Blvd/100 Ave, Surrey)

Physician duo seeks third partner to join the team.

Our clinic is located in the center of Surrey. We are seeking a Physician to join the clinic as soon as they desire. 40 hours available per week with 40 - 50 patients per day as incoming Physician is comfortable with. We serve a diverse patient panel.

We have 8 exam rooms with 2 MOA's. MedAccess EMR.

Free parking for Physican and patients. Split of 75/25.

We would be happy to meet with you and see if there is a good fit for you at the clinic.

Stellar Health (59 Ave/168 St, Surrey)

We are a group of young family physicians and specialists operating out of 3 clinics in Cloverdale. We have recently completed a total renovation on one clinic and our next is expected to be fully operational by the end of October. It will have 11 rooms and we are currently seeking physicians to practice out of this location. It is located next door to our previously renovated clinic and a 5 minute drive from our original location.

Our clinics are multi-disciplinary practices affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. Our diverse team includes Board Certified specialists in Obesity, Internal Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. We also have an in-house Obesity Nurse and Diabetes Management Dietician. We provide Holter Monitor, Body Composition, biopsy, minor procedures, IUD insertion and removal, and pap tests in the office. 

The clinic is equipped with Juno/Oscar EMR system and is supported by friendly MOAs and a knowledgeable Office Manager who is on site daily to ensure the smooth functioning of your busy day.

The applicant will maintain a full scope-full time family practice in clinic, which is currently open Monday to Friday, and optional half day weekends. We also offer flexible evenings should you wish to work. Our office has been host to International Medical Graduates and would like to continue to work with and provide support to IM graduates and American graduates who are looking to practice in BC. We have supervised many physicians and are well-versed in the administrative process with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. We also have physicians that work as hospitalists and all our physicians are Clinical Instructors in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC

We currently have compiled 1500+ applications from patients looking for a family doctor including pediatric and complex care patients.

Split would be 80/20 on FFS. Option to discuss New to Practice contract.

If you are interested in hearing more about the clinic or coming for a visit please contact us for more information.

Advanced Family Medicine (120 st/74 Ave, North Delta)

We are seeking a Physician to join our collegial, fast paced, forward thinking clinic. Currently a team of 4 Physicians, a mix of part time and full time, telemedicine and in person and part time locum.

Strong mentorship available from 2 Physicians that are very involved in the community, Division, Long term care and are very knowledgeable in Primary Care Networks and billing.

The clinic has expanded from 6 exam rooms to 15 exam rooms (anticipated finish early 2023). The practice has a diverse patient panel and supports complex care, pediatric and suburban family patients. Woman’s health experience or interest would be an asset. The office is equipped with a Telus MedAccess EMR system and supported by very friendly and knowledgeable staff that will ensure the smooth function of your busy day. The office is in a family-friendly neighbourhood of North Delta and has a Life labs and pharmacy in proximity along with other allied health i.e. physiotherapy, chiropractors, massage therapists and clinical counsellors.

The incumbent will help maintain a full-scope-full-time family practice in office, which is open Monday through Friday and optional half day Saturday mornings.

We will support the new Physician to build his/her own panel and will request to attached extended families of our existing patients. We regularly receive calls from unattached patients, so it won’t be very difficult for the Physician to build their panel quickly.

Compensation split will be 70/30 and this includes all types of billing.

Dr. Kamaljit Sekhon & Dr. Niti Thakur (137 St/73 Ave, Surrey)

This busy family practice is looking for a new long term locum/associate. There are currently two Physicians practicing at our clinic.

We are looking after a diverse group of patients including Geriatrics, Pediatrics, prenatal and young adults. Elderly patient care would be an asset as there is a good number with complex needs.

Office is equipped with Profile (Intrahealth) EMR for 9 years and is supported by friendly office staff. Practice is located close to Newton bus loop, Pharmacy and BC Bio Lab. We will help the new comer Physician to join our office and set up their practice. Punjabi speaking an asset.

Lots of experience with IMGs and mentoring students. Hours can be flexible, Monday to Friday, Saturday optional. Happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have!

Dr. Pawan Ram (128 st/81 Ave, Surrey)

Opportunity for mentorship and introduction to Immigration Medical Exam work

Seeking an associate to join my well established clinic located in the busy Payal Business Centre in Surrey. I am currently practicing solo but have room for an additional Physician with 5 exams rooms and 1 Doctor's office in the clinic. We currently have 1 MOA but will hire another once the new Physician starts.

I have been a Immigration Medical Exam Physician for years and would be able to introduce the incoming Physician to the work if desired.

We currently use Wolfe EMR but are transferring to Telus CHR. Punjabi speaking would be an asset but not required. Current Physician works 4 days per week. Split 75/25

NewGen Medical (King George/63 Ave, Surrey)

Opportunity for Physician to join multi-disciplinary team.

Passionate About Medicine. Compassionate About People.

This clinic is a state of the art medical facility providing primary health care to individuals and families in the Greater Vancouver area. The clinic is modern, well run and functioning as a multi disciplinary model to health care. We have 2 exam rooms dedicated per GP plus a work station in the doctors office. There are currently 2 family practitioners, with access to Internal Medicine and Rheumatologist within the clinic. We do Holter monitor, ECG and stress test in the clinic and provide timely consults. Ample MOA and staff support.

The other GP’s within the clinic are not accepting any more patients due to a full practice. Your practice will ramp up quick. Great need in the area for walk in and Family Practice. You can expect to see 40 - 50 patients per day, depending on your preference. Ample staff and patient parking in an easy to access location.

The billing split is 80/20.

Gateway Medical – 137 st/ 72 Ave, Surrey

Our clinic’s goal is to provide high quality, patient centered care while maximizing physician work flow. Excellent opportunity for new grads or established physicians. Physicians are happy to mentor. We encourage physicians to pursue special interests while working in our clinic. Our team consists of a group of seven family physicians. We are actively recruiting physicians interested in exploring opportunities to establish a part time or full time practice.

 You can expect to see 20 to 40 patients per day based on your preference. Patient Panel: diverse in age, race, and socioeconomic status. From infants to geriatric age. The practice has a diverse patient panel and supports complex care, paediatric, prenatal care up and until 28 weeks, and suburban family patients. Women’s health experience or interest would be an asset as well as type 2 diabetes. Beneficial if newcomer speaks Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic but not necessary. Starting date is flexible.

EMR: OSCAR. Free Wifi.

Mentorship by experienced physicians available in areas of hospital medicine, clinic management, clinic leadership, improvement science, addictions care, diabetes management, hepatitis management, gynecology, pharmacology, physiotherapy, audiology, motivational interviewing & patient empowerment.

Remuneration: depends on number of patients seen - estimate 20 - 50 per day - New Doctors may adjust their appointment durations, quality over quantity preferred. Split 75/25. Flexible days/hours. Clinic is open M-F 9-5, and Sat 9-4

We have a culture of “provider wellness and family first”.

Kwantlen Medical (128 St/72nd Ave, Surrey)

We’re seeking new physicians to come join our existing team! We are open to those who are looking for a part-time or full-time Family Practice opportunity.

Our office is newly renovated (just this year!), designed with clean lines, has a modern / contemporary finish and made with upscale materials. Our office has 7 exam rooms, a dedicated telemedicine space, mixed use area, doctors’ office space, and a kitchen.

Our current team consists of 2 physicians and reliable MOAs.  One of the Physicians is a few years into his career and the second is an experienced physician who enjoys providing mentorship (also meeting the requirements to provide supervision for Provisional licenses).

We are an active UBC teaching clinic and provide supervision for medical students and Family Practice residents. Where we really pride ourselves is having a really great work environment - coming to the office is not just a daily grind, but a place where we all enjoy actively engaging with one another. We encourage healthy work life balances and cover for each other during holidays. It is a particularly good opportunity for new and recent grads as all 3 physicians are very supportive and are committed to providing quality patient care.

Our busy family practice clinic services a very large population of families including all age groups, from newborns to the elderly. There is a large Indo-Canadian patient population, the majority of whom speak English. Our office provides a wide variety services and there is opportunity to receive mentorship depending on your interests (Addictions, Women’s Health, Prenatal care, Complex Medical Care, Elderly care, Preventative medicine, and Vaccinations (newborns, travel)).

Our Clinic provides Longitudinal Primary Care, which can provide attachment, in addition to episodic primary care and walk-in services. This is a quick way to build a chronic disease care panel. We use Oscar (Juno) EMR and telemedicine is embedded in our EMR - allowing you to work from home or office. We have free parking. Split is 75/25. Flexible on work hours per day/week. You can anticipate seeing 20-40 patients per day (we can make it busier if needed).

If you are interested in hearing more about the clinic, visiting the office and meeting the clinic team, or have any questions, please contact us.

Fleetwood Family Physicians (85 Ave/160 St, Surrey)

If you are looking to join a team that will help you grow YOUR practice and be part of a physician run clinic then this opportunity is for you! The clinic is new with 5 exam rooms and an office. We are accepting new patients, providing primary medical services, walk-in and currently telemedicine.

The new physician will have the support of a physician run clinic and tech/MOA support to help with billings. The physicians will support their colleagues in helping maximize their billings, follow up on rejections, 1 on 1 support from colleagues, and the autonomy to grow as you fit. OSCAR EMR.

Other Physicians will cover your patients while you are on vacation.

Located 30 mins from Vancouver, near the Fraser highway (close to the future sky train station), in Surrey, BC. Fleetwood is a flourishing area of Surrey, safe with varied demographics and located in an upbeat neighborhood. The clinic is a multi-physician clinic, ample free parking available, located in a plaza close to all amenities and easy access to the highway. We are looking forward to providing excellent care across generations of families.

Wifi and wired net is available.

We are willing to negotiate overhead splits depending on your availability and future goals

Clinic is open Monday through Saturday; can also accommodate Sundays. At this time we are mainly looking for Physicians with afternoon/evening and weekend availability.

Can discuss if incoming Physician is wanting to build up a panel or provide coverage for other Physician at the practice.

Mega Fu Sunstone (107 St/Delsom Crescent)

Seeking Physician to join clinic in quickly expanding neighbourhood      

We are a newly formed clinic looking for Physician(s) to join. Our clinic is located in the Sunstone neighbourhood of North Delta. It is a community that is quickly growing and becoming home to many young families looking for longitudinal care. Currently we have one Physician working at the clinic with two more anticipated to join in 2023 once receiving licensure from the College.

We anticipate the incoming Physician will have between 35-45 patients to see daily. We are offering a split of 75/25 for MSP billing and 80/20 private paid with an anticipated $400,000-500,000 yearly.

We are using Juno EMR. Office hours are flexible and shift open between 9 AM – 7 PM, 7 days a week

All Care Medical Centre (128 St/76 Ave, Surrey)

Our clinic, located in the Newton neighborhood of Surrey, is looking for a full or part-time family doctor to join us. The clinic currently has multiple family doctors working in it alongside an internal medicine specialist, Geriatrician and General Surgeon. We also have Optometry, physiotherapy, a pharmacy and clinical counselors on site. The exam rooms are spacious and there are rooms with windows for doctors to do their charts. We use Oscar EMR. We are fully set up for telephone medicine as well.

The split is competitive and will be agreed upon with the interested candidate. For physicians that take on new patients and become full-time associates the overhead is capped.

Punjabi speaking would be an asset.

The practice is extremely busy; there is no shortage of patients and the new physician will have the option of seeing as many or as few patients as they like. We would love to meet with you and show you the clinic!

Competitive split - to be discussed with Physician.


Teaching Opportunities

Are you an experienced Family Physician looking for opportunities to share your knowledge with the next generation of Physicians? Learn more about preceptorships in Surrey-North Delta at the link below. 

Building a Community of Preceptors in Surrey-North Delta