Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Member Resources

member resources

A one-stop hub for resources that have been developed to support our members. Download a handy printable family practitioner resources at-a-glance > for your bulletin board. 
Questions / feedback on any of the resources here? Reach out to kbdoctors@kbdivision.ca.

Up To Date

Access to Up to Date > for best evidence & clinical decisions guidance.

Rx Files

Contact Caitlyn at cmcgown@kbdivision.ca > to access Rx Files for objective comparisons for optimal drug therapy.


Login to pathwaysbc.ca > for streamlined access to team-based care referrals, forms & clinical resources. (Need an access key? Contact kbdivision@pathwaysbc.ca).

EMR Tip Sheets, Videos & Forms

The Practice Support Program & Doctors of BC, in consultation with Divisions of Family Practice, have developed a series of EMR orientation videos > to help clinic staff who use the Accuro, Profile, Med Access, and Oscar EMR systems. These videos aim to reduce training time for new staff, allowing staff to spend more time optimizing their EMRs with clinic-specific information. Also available is a selection of EMR tip sheets > for quick reference.


MicroBloggingMD (MBMD)

With the MBMD secure messaging App you can:

  • Send secure messages between GPs/SPs across IH & soon facility based Nurses and Home Health
  • View up-to-date Call Board within the App
  • Attach images directly to the message
  • Indicate level of urgency to help colleagues answer in appropriate time
  • Stay legal - all data is transmitted 100% safe & secure (unlike texts!)
  • Receive admissions and discharge notifications, & more!

Download the App & access resources >

Health Connect Registry Guide

The Kootenay Boundary Health Connect Registry (KB HCR) is a centralized registry for unattached patients seeking a primary care provider in the region.

Check out the KB HCR Guide for Clinics > to learn more about how to use the KB HCR to support your clinic. Whether it’s streamlining the management of patient waitlists, referring priority unattached patients, supporting your clinic when a practitioner retires or departs, or finding the right balance of new patients when you’re ready to attach, the HCR can help!

Conflict Support Team

KB Division's conflict support team provides a confidential space that supports FPs & NPs in successfully navigating difficult tensions or conflicts that may be impeding job satisfaction & longevity.

Conflict can be a generative & expansive process. By navigating it early & in good faith, conflict resolution can lead to deeper understanding, trust & relief in moving forward in a positive way. 

Learn more & access the team > 

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Toolkit provides practical resources to help clinics take a proactive approach to plan and prepare for emergencies such as fire, flood, and internal threats that could impact operations. These resources also support the regular review of established emergency plans & include practice scenarios. 

Access the toolkit & learn more > 

MOA HR Toolkit

A one-stop hub for clinic managers & leads with HR tools, resources, & more - at your fingertips! From MOA recruitment to onboarding & professional development these resources have you covered. Explore moatoolkit.ca >


Explore kbculturalsafety.org > to access clinic & practitioner resources including the 'Cultivating Culturally Safe Care in Your Clinic' toolkit, an inventory of Aboriginal patient resources, & more. 

Developed by the KB Cultural Safety Working Group with the support of Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice, Circle of Indigenous Nations Society, & the Kootenay Boundary Aboriginal Services Collaborative.

KB Specialist Referral Guides

KB specialists have developed referral guides, pathways, and/or tip sheets for their specialties to assist family practitioners in doing better workups in advance of a referral, referring appropriately, & managing patients while they await a consult.

Shared Care

GP/SP Consults - Best Practice Checklist 

A tool to support effective communication & flow of patient information, coordination, & integration - Download the checklist >

Gender-Affirming Care

Access the Gender Affirming Care Toolkits & Resources >
Developed through the Kootenay Boundary Shared Care Gender-Affirming Care project. 

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Access the ACEs Toolkits & Resources >
Interested in Adverse Childhood Experience history taking in your clinic? For more information on embedding ACEs into primary care, please contact Leila Dale, project manager at ldale@kbdivision.ca.

Chronic Pain 

Access the Chronic Pain Toolkits & Resources >
Developed through the Kootenay Boundary Shared Care Chronic Pain project.

Social Determinants of Health 

Access the Povery Intervention Tool & Resources >
Developed through the Kootenay Boundary Shared Care Social Determinants of Health project.

Visit embedsdh.ca > to learn more about embedding the Social Determinants of Heath into your practice


Frailty Roadmap For Families >
Developed by Dr. Trevor Janz with support from Vancouver Division of Family Practice.


Access the Toolkits & Resources >
Developed by Dr. Trevor Janz with support from KB Division.

Palliative Care 

Access the Toolkits & Resources > 
Developed through the Kootenay Boundary Shared Care Palliative Care project.

Child & Youth Mental Health 

Access Tools & Resources >

Perinatal Health & Newborn Supports

Access Tools & Resources > 

Home Health Algorithm

IH and KB Division worked together to produce the "Home Health Referral Process" algorithm with the objective of streamlining HH referrals. Download it here >

Regional Diabetes

Download a spreadsheet of Regional Diabetes Services > in Kootenay Boundary. View the presentation outlining these services >