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This is the one-stop shop for resources that have been developed to help our members.

*New* Chronic Pain Clinical Tools & Resources

Info Hub for KB Health Care Practitioners

A one-stop virtual hub - with clinical tools, resources, accredited continuing education and community of practice opportunities at your fingertips.

Managing Chronic Pain Together: A Toolkit for Patients + Practitioners

A booklet to support shared discussion on pain management, strategies + therapies, plus recommended self-management resources. Order printed copies for your clinic >

KB Chronic Pain Inventory: Clinics, Services, Providers

A region-wide inventory of health care providers with knowledge and expertise in working with chronic pain – listed by community and with referral information.

For Patients: Living Well With Chronic Pain

Helpful information and links to self-management resources.

MicroBloggingMD (MBMD): Secure Messaging btwn GPs/SPs/Nurses 

With the new MBMD secure messaging App you can:

  • Send secure messages between GPs/SPs across IH and soon facility based Nurses and Home Health

  • View up-to-date Call Board within the App

  • Attach images directly to the message

  • Indicate level of urgency to help colleagues answer in appropriate time

  • Stay legal - all data is transmitted 100% safe and secure (unlike texts!)

  • Receive admissions and discharge notifications, and more!

Click here to download the App and for more resources.

Palliative Care Resources

When You Are Facing a Life-Limiting Diagnosis – Patient Resources and Services for Supportive and Palliative Care in Nelson

When You Are Facing a Life-Limiting Diagnosis – Patient Resources and Services for Supportive and Palliative Care in Trail

Palliative Care Practitioners Guide – Nelson

Palliative Care Practitioners Guide – Trail

Palliative Care Referral Pathways – Kootenay Boundary

Palliative Care Rounds Referral Form – Kootenay Boundary 

Palliative Care Consult Referral Form – Nelson

Palliative Care Consult Referral Form – Trail

GP/SP Consults - Best Practice Checklist for Referrals

Adapted from the Quality Referral Evaluation (QuRE) Working Group in Alberta, this checklist ensures effective communication and flow of necessary patient information, coordination, and integration – click/tap here to download the checklist

Adverse Childhood Experiences
How to Incorporate ACEs Into Your Practice

ACEs toolkit for Family and Nurse Practitioners - includes ACEs questionnaires for children, youth and adults.

ACEs toolkit for Specialists - also includes ACEs questionnaires for children, youth and adults.

Child and Youth Mental Health Substance Use Resources

CYMHSU Referral Pathways: Referral resource for Family Physicians

Perinatal Mental Health Resources

Dementia Roadmap for Practitioners

A roadmap for outlining the stages of dementia - symptoms, sign-posts, good questions and tasks for the practitioner. Developed by Dr. Trevor Janz with support from KB Division. 

Click here to download


Dementia Roadmap for Families

A roadmap for outlining the stages of dementia for patients and their families. Developed by Dr. Trevor Janz with support from KB Division. 

Click here to download (English language version) >

Click here to download (Chinese language version) >

If you wish to print the Dementia Roadmap for Families locally, a full resolution, print-ready file is available – please contact kbdoctors@divisionsbc.ca.

EMR Forms for Profile Clinics

Over 60 new and updated forms to import into your Profile EMR. Available here on Pathways.


EMR Tip Sheets

Developed by the GPSC Provincial Recruitment & Retention Steering Committee (PRRSC) these tip sheets outline basic EMR functionality:

Intra Health Tip Sheet

Med Access Tip Sheet

MOIS Tip Sheet

OSCAR Tip Sheet

These tip sheets are a tool for medical students, residents, locums and/or new-to-practice family physicians who might be unfamiliar with a particular EMR. Each Tip Sheet walks a new user through the basics of documentation during a patient visit, including ordering medication and labs and requesting consults, among other tasks.

Kootenay Boundary Newborn Supports



Click here for a list of specialists who, when appropriate, will see your patients via videoconference

CYMH Wraparound Care Program Package

Please find below links to the West Kootenay Local Action Team's "Wraparound Information and Referral Package." The package includes (click to download):

Pathways: Streamlined Access to Team-based Care

Get your access key to Pathways online resource now, contact Melissa Faraguna. If you already have your login details click here www.pathwaysbc.ca

Preferred practice guidelines for maternity patients with high BMI

Currently, there is no standardized guideline in the Kootenay Boundary region for addressing the needs of maternity patients with high BMI. Thus, the Regional Perinatal Committee developed the following: Guideline for family physicians to provide information on preferred practice for patients with high BMI.

Regional CPD

Regional CPD calendar of upcoming events.

Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE)

Hotline access to local specialist advice as well as Vancouver RACE specialists – 1 844 365-7223Click here to download a VCARD to your computer or phone.

Child Youth Mental Health Substance Use

Website for GPs, families and patients with a directory of CYMHSU resources available in each KB Community – kootenayfamilyplace.org/kbsearchlight.

Adult Psychiatry – Responsive Behaviours in Seniors Rounds (Nelson)

See the regional CPD calendar for dates.

Home Health Algorithm

IH and KB Division worked together to produce the "Home Health Referral Process" algorithm with the objective of streamlining HH referrals. Download it here.

Social Determinants of Health – The Poverty Intervention Tool

The Poverty Intervention Tool guides doctors with a list of questions to help address the impact of poverty on their patients’ health and puts the resources they need to connect patients with the appropriate community supports and services at their fingertips. Click here to download the Poverty Intervention Tool.

Click here to download a short summary of Dr. Lee MacKay's Rounds on the Social Determinants of Health and how to use the Poverty Intervention Tool in practice.

Click here to download a list of Nelson based services presented by Nelson Community Groups who attended Dr. MacKay's Rounds – including the Nelson Food Cupboard, The Advocacy Centre, Nelson Cares, ANKORS and Nelson Community Services.

Regional Diabetes

Click here to download the spreadsheet of Regional Diabetes Services in the Kootenay Boundary. Click here to view the presentation outlining the services.