Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Emergency Preparedness

emerg prep


The best time to plan for a disaster is before it happens.

The Emergency Preparedness Toolkit provides practical resources to help clinics take a proactive approach to plan and prepare for emergencies such as fire, flood, and internal threats that could impact operations. These resources also support the regular review of established emergency plans and include practice scenarios.

The Toolkit

The Toolkit consists of an Emergency Preparedness Guidebook and accompanying Workbook that includes:

  • Evacuation Plan Template
  • Shelter-in-Place Plan Template
  • Incident Recovery Plan Template
  • Emergency Drill Scenarios
  • Practice Checklists

Emergency Management Guidebook for Clinics >
Emergency Management Workbook for Clinics >
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KB Division Support in Case of Emergency

In the event of an environmental disaster or other emergency, contact the KB Division of Family Practice to assess the situation and identify areas of support. 

General Enquiries:

Interim Executive Director, Jennifer Ellis:

Patient-facing Emergency Preparedness Information

If your clinic is interested in information to share with your patients about how they can prepare for potential emergencies, including things your clinic can be doing to support patients, check out what KB Health Online Clinic shares with their patients: kbhealthonline.ca/extreme-weather-preparedness