Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

ACEs Toolkit



Interested in Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) history taking in your clinic? KB Division is offering in-clinic training. For more information on embedding ACEs into primary care, please contact Leila Dale, project manager ldale@kbdivision.ca.
*New* We have an ACEs handout available for patients, courtesy of the Social Determinants of Health Shared Care project. To place an order for your clinic, contact Leila at the email address above.


Practitioner Tools:

ACEs Toolkit for Family Doctors & Nurse Practitioners > includes a step-by-step on conducting ACEs history taking and the ACEs questionnaire for adults.

ACEs Toolkit for Specialists > includes the ACEs questionnaire for adults and how to incorporate knowledge of ACEs into treatment.

ACES Patient Handout > includes a brief on ACEs for patients - a handy conversation starter tool for ACEs history taking.

Additional Learning Resources:

DocTalks, courtesy of Doctors of BC, has produced two podcasts on understanding ACEs. Click the links below to listen.

Dr. Linda Uyeda, after the birth of her first child 18 years ago, expanded her medical education to explore neuroscience, parenting, trauma, and attachment. Learn about the physiological impact of trauma and ACEs on our minds and bodies, and how understanding the science can shift thinking to make a difference to the way doctors’ practice and the support they provide to patients. Click here to listen > 

Doctors of BC President Dr Ramneek Dosanjh hosts a roundtable discussion that gives viewers insight into ACEs and high-conflict separation and divorce and what doctors and lawyers need to know to best support families experiencing it. It also speaks to the cross-sectoral allyship between doctors and lawyers to raise awareness of ACEs and how they can work together to promote the well-being of their patients and clients. Click here to listen >