Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Looking for a Family Practitioner

Looking for a family practitioner

Register to find a Family Practitioner in Kootenay Boundary

The Health Connect Registry is the most efficient way to find a family doctor or nurse practitioner in the region. Once registered, you'll be added to the list in chronological order & contacted directly when a primary care provider is available. 

Please refrain from contacting clinics directly. Clinics are experiencing a very high call volume. For fairness & efficiency, clinics are working from the centralized Health Connect Registry & will refer anyone calling to self-register using the link below.

Register today at kbhcr.ca >


Resources to Support Your Health Care Needs

Explore a full listing of health care resources to support Kootenay Boundary patients who don't currently have a primary care provider - from walk-in options, virtual primary care, mental health support, screening services & more this list can help you navigate & access the care you need. 

*Resource List Coming Soon*