Physician on a Mission 2.0


After the success of our Physician on a Mission: Covid-19 Edition public awareness campaign, our Division was selected as the grand prize winner of the Public Health Agency of Canada Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge. Family Physicians in our community were excited to have a second opportunity to create a public education video series to further their reach and share their message with patients beyond their office. Physicians came forward with ideas for videos about HPV, preventative health, common myths/facts around primary care, and, the issue of verbal abuse towards doctors and the need to show the public that doctors are people too. We couldn't pick just 1 idea, so we made a video series to address these various important topics. Check them out below! 


Mini Video Series

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Full Length Videos

The Importance of Preventative Health with Dr. Carllin Man | New Westminster Family Physician 

Preventative health are all the things we can do to prevent diseases, illness, or injury. The best thing patients can do to make sure you are doing everything you can to stay healthy is to ask your family doctor for advice. If you need a family doctor you can join the FNW Waitlist, or search on PathwaysMedicalCare.ca to see if there are any doctors in your area accepting new patients. 


HPV Education & Prevention with Dr. Kathleen Ross | Coquitlam Family Physician

Dr. Ross is a family physician from Coquitlam, and in this video she talks about how HPV transmits and how people can prevent getting HPV. To get your HPV vaccine go to immunizebc.ca/hpv


Common health care myths BUSTED with Dr. Kathy Jones | New Westminster Family Physician 





Mini Documentary

Meet the Manhas Family! Family Doctors are People Too, with Drs. Paul, Katie, and Gurdeep Manhas | Coquitlam Physicians

The Manhas Family is a group of family doctors from Coquitlam BC. In this video series they share some details about their lives, their clinical practice, and what brings them joy. The motto at their clinic is "Our Family, Caring for Yours". These videos show that family doctors are people too, and we can all do our best to treat them with kindness, patience, and understanding.